My Un-Resolutions

The fabulous gals over at Do I Even Like This? have inspired me to participate in brainstorming a few deliberate goals for myself ("un-resolutions") to pursue in 2012 (a.k.a. Do This Like You Mean It). In recent years, I try to just make a concerted effort to start the years off right (skipping the laundry list of resolutions), so this focused attempt at betterment for the coming year sounds like my cup of tea (...er, coffee)!

For the Ds, click on the button to check out their post about this project.

My 2012 Un-Resolutions:
1. For Self Betterment - Spend more time with God. I want to give my first moments of the day to the Lord, not to social media, or email, or coffee. (I can still heart my coffee, but my loves must be ordered and given due affection. Patience, my dear dark roast.) This goal includes getting a grip on the intimidation that keeps me from spending time in the Word. (It's English, Nat! You got this!) 
2. For Others - Serve those I love. Ugly truth: I can be pretty self-absorbed. I figure baby steps are the best way to initiate life-long behavioral changes, so I'll start with opening up my time and consideration for those I know and love, hoping that that will lead to me stepping up and serving those I don't know (or always like). This may take the form of caring for someone's kiddos without pay, cleaning their house, helping to organize a garage/closet/basement, dropping off a home-cooked meal, etc.
3. For Enjoyment - Travel. This actually helps me with #1 as well since traveling so stirs my affections for Him. I don't make enough time or earmark funds for travel, yet it's so enriching!

Get in on this! Visit A & E's blog, post your link to be included and grab a button. I'm excited to see what other bloggers are working on this year!


  1. Natalie, these are fantastic un-resolutions! :) I did goals as well and I already feel so much better about starting the year! I love your #1. Its so easy to dive into the social media world over coffee. Our days are so much smoother when we start it out right!

  2. These are excellent Natalie! You will do well. I need to become closer with God too! You're such an inspiration. ((HUG))


  3. True story! Thanks for the support as always, Anna. Hoping 2012 is a great year for you and that your goals continue to guide you throughout the year. :)

  4. i do mine monthly, and it works so well for me!