Friday, I'm in Love, v.13

It's Friday and I'm in love with...

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I experienced mild chest pains when I peeped the price of the only running shoes that didn't instantly inflict brutal pain on my arches, but got over it as soon as I walked the trails in my Nike Vomeros. They're perfect for my weekday power walks along the Trinity. Also handy during these walks is my Bobble bottle that M got me for Christmas. We have free bottled water here at work, but this recycling gal has a hissy fit at the idea of going through a bottle a day (plus) to stay hydrated. The filter on this BPA-free bottle works great!

NYE may have come and gone, but who needs a holiday to sport sassy nails?! Spicing up a neutral nail with gold sparkle is a great way to keep the post-holiday ho-hums at bay. I am also a huge fan of casual braids on days when you just don't feel like getting all your tools and styling crap out to deal with your mane. I'm letting my hair to grow long again so that I can sport a chic, loose side braid without looking like a JV cheerleader. In the meantime, Davines' Universal Polishing Coat keeps my naturally curly hair from going all Simba on me during these misty January days. No joke, one finger-comb through with this stuff and my hair is perfectly shaped until I wash it again.

What are you lovin'? 

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  1. Things have been so hectic lately that I've only managed to get around following up my favorite blogs. What am I loving now? 1) cookbooks. Not that I need anymore. 2) more travels to open my eyes and mind to new experiences.