Fabulous Find

In trying to be mindful of unneccesary spending, I haven't allowed myself to shop in a while. But my birthday is around the corner (Wednesday, eep!) so I decided a few pretties might not be so bad. I do think it's important to purchase items that you love, but as I am still a thrifty gal at heart (despite my expensive taste), budget-friendly stores are often where I start perusing for my wish list items. (See, there's a focus, at least!)

Enter: Old Navy. I typically have zero luck at ON, except for PJ pants or basic tees. But I lucked out and found this little pretty just yesterday...


A proper blouse that I can hand wash and is under $30? Come to Natty! The fabric is soft as can be and the color is even prettier in person. (I also like the navy blue printed one, but I opted for this Bali shade.)

I styled this top with black slacks (tucked in), a simple black leather belt and flats, with silver hoops and loose waves. (Very Calvin Klein.) But it would also look lovely with skinnies tucked into riding boots, or dressed up with cuffed dark denim, my nude slingbacks and gold MK watch. (Because ON uses vanity sizing, it has a very blousy-borderlining-on-tunic fit. Well, it does for this shorty, at least.) And though the sleeves are shown rolled up (which some of the reviews complain doesn't stay), I left them loose with the button secured, which I happen to think looks more chic and flattering.

I am on a mission to invest in lovely, quality (read: pricey) pieces for my wardrobe, but this frugal find was just too great to pass up and keep to myself.

Have you found any steals lately? Do tell!


  1. Proud of you for possibly spending (just a little) on things that make you smile. And prouder still that the shirt was offered in navy and you picked green! My rainbow closet has accomplished it's goal :).

  2. Haha! I know, I'm expanding my color horizons! I though that would make you proud. ;)

  3. It's such a good feeling when you find somthing you love (especially if it was a bargain!)

  4. Great color and style! I totally believe in "buy less, buy better" but sometimes the bargain just call out.

  5. That's a great top Natalie. I love that shade of green! Very rich, like a jewel tone. Stores are slashing prices left and right, so go for it. I predict the same thing will happen this summer. We all have to take advantage of it while it lasts. hahaha My birthday is next month! Good peeps are born in the beginning of the year. :)


  6. Haha! Yes they are!

    As my friend April alluded to, I don't wear very much color, but jewel tones are so flattering and I really need to expand my horizons. :)