Austin Road Trip Recap {Photo Post}

{THURSDAY} M made us to-go cappuccinos as we hit the road for Austin. (Jesus Panda loves road trips.)

Once in Austin, we joined our friends for lunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe (where I promptly scarfed down a Veggie Royale), walked along the trails, ran a few errands, picked up some coffee from Dominican Joe to rally for a late evening, and snacked on Izzoz tacos before heading out for the show.
All dressed up with Biscuit, one of my besties. We sipped on cabernet and swooned as we took in the show with our men.
The Civil Wars were AMAZING. It is rare to hear a band that sounds even better in person than they do on their album (especially with just a guitar and piano as accompaniment to their beautiful harmonies), but they're phenomenal. See them, especially if you can catch them at a venue as gorgeous as The Paramount.
{FRIDAY} Late breakfast at 24 Diner. Their veggie hash and coffee is probably one of my favorite meals, which goes to show you that quality ingredients can make a simple dish extraordinary. After fueling up, we perused the Whole Food flagship store across the street and stocked up on non-perishable yummies.
We rented a kayak from our hotel and paddled along Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake if you're OG), taking in the lovely view of downtown and heckling hippy ducks. An afternoon catnap followed shortly after. 
Oh, Mandola's Italian Market. So, so yum. The concept of this place is adorable, from the fresh breads, meats and cheeses, to the accordion serenading dine-in guests as they enjoy house wines and delectable Italian eats.
M and I started with garlic fries and pesto dip, as well as herb-infused olive oil and freshly baked bread. For dinner, I ordered my usual (cheese ravioli) while M sampled the evening's special: five cheese manicotti. I swear, their marinara is laced with magic. It was like dining in Europe and we had the most lovely dinner date. 
I couldn't leave without grabbing some gelato! They didn't have coffee flavor, which is my fave, but the mint was quite good.

After our Italian feast, we headed over to the Biscuit home to share some beverages and catch up. There are no photos from that portion of the evening, despite making it through without another seventh-grade-style slow dance to Wham's "Careless Whisper." (I don't know.)
{SATURDAY} Before heading home, we grabbed some cupcakes from Sugar Mama's (M finally got to experience The Hemingway...hummina) and dined at Mother's Cafe. I opted for one of their classics: the artichoke enchiladas with vegan cheese.  
I missed a few photo ops here and there, but hopefully these shots provide a glimpse at the loveliness of our visit. We had such a fantastic weekend and definitely got our fill of good times and delicious eats. Can't wait to venture down south again soon!


  1. Natalie, you are just too cute! You guys had an awesome time. And ohhhh myyy the FOOD! It looks so good. Great recap. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Much FUN!


  2. Oh my gosh, the food. THE FOOD! It's torture looking at the photos! You're absolutely gorgeous! You need to post more photos of yourself :) BTW, I just want to thank you for the lovely comment you've left on my blog. What a sweet thing to say. I've ordered a whole bunch of natural products - thankfully those that are truly natural to try out.

  3. Aw, thanks, Kim! We did have a blast. :D

  4. LOL! I know, the eats down in Austin are insane. And you are too sweet. Thanks for the very sweet comments. And you are so welcome. I really enjoyed that post. Hope you like everything you ordered! :)