Aaaaand...I scored.

The process of cultivating some semblance of design in my apartment has been a slow one as I attempt to balance wants and needs, so I get pretty jazzed when I find a decor element that has been on my wish list for a can't-pass-it-up bargain!


While scouring the aisles of Hobby Lobby for the materials needed for a Valentine's DIY I'm going to attempt, I happened upon a lovely ampersand that insisted on coming home with me. This lightweight, 12" symbol is available in antique gold (pictured) and bronze. (I opted for the latter because its elegant tone and patina melded well with the other pieces in my living room.)

The best part: it was on sale for $5! Quite the steal for a hanging that stylishly adorns the first wall seen upon entering the apartment. (Not that the alarm box isn't terribly chic.)

I couldn't wait to show M my find! His reaction: "Aaaand..." Me: "...it's awesome!" Oh, the little things.


  1. Cute find. It is the little things that counts.

    What are you making for your Valentine DIY? Love DIY projects.


  2. I love it Natalie! What a great price! Enjoy :D

  3. Thank you! I agree. :)

    I am trying this DIY from In Honor of Design: http://inhonorofdesign.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-message-in-bottle.html. Anna comes up with the sweetest ideas!