This calls for some bubbly and a party dress!

New Year's Eve is a special night, fashion-wise, because you can get away with a whole lot of sassiness in the name of celebration. Party dresses, sparkly accessories and glitter galore abound, and when you add sparklers and champagne to the mix, you've got one heck of an evening!

Since my honey is out of the country for NYE, I decided to for-go a night on the town in favor of a chill evening staying in with some friends and their kiddos. (Not gonna lie, this homebody loves any excuse to lay low.) So while my celebratory get-up will look a lot like this...


...paired with Hello Kitty slippers and a ponytail, I had to throw together a little something for my inner fashionista...


...paired with a smoky eye and messy chignon. This is a good mix of sexy and sweet, in my book, and would be comfortable enough to last the evening without undergarment mishaps or freezing my rear off. (Stylishness and wearability are not mutually exclusive in my closet, y'all!)

Upon M's return to the states, we're going to celebrate 2012 (as well as my 30th, eep!), so there will be plenty of opportunities to bust out the party dress after this weekend! Meanwhile, I'm looking very forward to the laughs and good times that will ensue on Saturday as my friends and I play games, watch movies and enjoy some cocktails and snacks.

It's gonna be a great new year, I can just feel it!

What are you wearing for your New Year's festivities?

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