Nesting: The Perfect Tray

As I disassemble the Christmas tree and return the furniture to its original layout, I find myself once again noticing all the decor elements missing in my apartment: a statement piece for the wall above the TV, a rug for the living room, decorative pieces for the dresser, etc. But until I have fully recovered from holiday spending, small, budget-friendly touches will have to tide me over.

My current quest: the perfect tray(s) on which to display photos, candles and other decor elements, creating organized vignettes throughout the apartment. There are so many options available as far as color, texture and shape. I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to just a few, so don't be surprised to find my place positively littered with trays in no time!

Some of my favorites at the moment...

elegant chevron // simple mirrored // sexy snakeskin
croc that pops // clean white // in my dreams

I'm still learning how to maximize use of color and create interesting focal points; the pop of color and texture of the square croc tray from Z Gallerie would create an ideal canvas for this. But the clean simplicity of the white and mirrored numbers are timeless and would fit perfectly with the throwback vibe of my bedroom. (Fresh gardenias, vintage family photos and antique skeleton keys, anyone?)

Which is your favorite? What would you include in your vignette?


  1. Amazing! Merry Christmas!


  2. OO I like the Hermes tray. haha. I'm in need of a tray for the coffee table…and maybe in the kitchen to put my coffee stuff on. I like the lacquer ones a lot bc they're so easy to clean. I'd mostly use it to keep things organized…the remote, coasters, little things that I like to keep on the coffee table.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I have been on the search (via pinterest) for a tray for my newly redone bathroom. So your post could not have come at a better time. Love the simple mirrored tray, that is exactly what I visioned on my countertop. Where did you find that?

  4. I'm with you: the lacquer ones tend to top my list as well. They look great, can take the wear and wipe off easily. I'm thinking of nabbing one for my kitchen as well to hold the randoms that end up on top of my microwave. (Cursed small kitchen!)

  5. Oooo, yay for new bathrooms! The mirror tray will definitely be finding a space in my home at some point. I found that image on Pinterest, of course. Haha. But have you checked TJ Maxx? I know they are super hit and miss, but I went recently and found a ton of mirrored home decor, in good shape too!