It's a Flats Day, Y'all

I don't look nearly this cute at the office, but humor me.

Life at the office has been refreshingly busy this week thus far, but I wanted to pop by for a quick hello! I'm getting behind on reading all your lovely posts, which is especially no bueno since this season has inspired one beautiful post after another. But I will catch up soon, probably while cuddled up at home and enjoying a cup of coffee. Mmmm. Bring it!

I've shared with y'all that I'm in the process of upping my style game at the office, and I've actually done pretty well on making an effort as of late. However, I relish days like today when I can rock the chinos and a simple sweater with my favorite casual scarf. Not to mention, my feet could use a break from high heels. I do concede that they work magic on my legs, but scuttling about the office is much easier in flats.

And, well, there's the matter of skill.

In my head, here's what I look like walking in heels...


In reality...


Not a good look. But I'll keep working on it. I am planning on braving high heels this weekend for a night on the town to celebrate M's birthday. I may even wear dangly earrings. Look out!  

(Send Band-Aids.)


  1. HAHA! Good analogy Natalie! I'm definitely a flats girl. LOL

  2. Love the giraffe photo - nice post!