Guest Blogger Series: Elizabeth's Christmas Traditions

Welcome to day two of my guest blogger series for the holidays! I hope you all got a moment to read Stephanie's post yesterday. Every day this week I will be featuring one of my favorite gals from the blogosphere to share their own Christmas traditions.

Today's post comes from Elizabeth at Do I Even Like This? It felt like a homecoming of sorts when I found E and A's blog (stay tuned for Amanda's post tomorrow); they were like the super funny, excellent-taste-having, long-lost friends I'd lost touch with and rediscovered. E also recently relocated to Seattle with her family, which makes her even cooler in my book. (Big ups, Pacific Northwest!)

Take it away, E!

I am very much looking forward to Christmas this year as we will be celebrating it in a new city, Seattle. More importantly we will be spending it with our newest addition, our son Oliver. Having the little guy in our lives has made me think of all the holiday traditions that I grew up with and wish to pass on to him.

I can’t wait to take little Oliver on his first tree expedition. Growing up I remember going out with my dad and finding the best looking tree for our home. It was always such a great adventure no matter the weather. Chris and I seek out a local tree farm and then go on the hunt to find the perfect one. Depending on weather conditions the search may last over an hour or as short as 15 minutes. Cold conditions = Speedy Selection.

Christmas Tree in 2010

This tree pretty much replicates our trees we had growing up down to the multi-colored blinking lights. 


A soft little animal and some sweet treats will no doubt be in store for Oliver next year. I think we will use one of his father’s boots for the loot. There is no harm in dreaming big when you're still so tiny.

Some have Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Story. We have Elf. Each Christmas Eve Chris and I settle in on the couch with some jazzed up hot chocolate and watch as Buddy the Elf spreads yuletide cheer. I know this seems a bit silly but I love it. Just writing about it has made me grin form ear to ear.


Yep, just the three of us and Will Ferrell on Christmas Eve. I love it!

I love me some Elf! It just isn't the holiday season without it! (Or a random Tuesday in July. Or on a handful of weekends in the spring. Or...OK, it's good, clean fun all year 'round, y'all!) Thanks so much for sharing these traditions with us, Elizabeth!


  1. Beautiful post! I think Christmas is even more awesome when a child is involved. I love the looks on their faces. I love the movie Elf too! It's hilarious. :)

  2. Elf is one of my fave Christmas movies. That sounds like a tradition I may have to steal :)

  3. Me too! It is definitely one that I watch every year, usually right after Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season!

  4. I agree, Kim! Kiddos really do make the holiday so special. Our family gatherings received new life as my aunt and cousins started having little ones. They bring so much joy.