Greeting cards have all been sent...

I understand that some view it as a chore, but I absolutely love sending Christmas cards! A few years back, I pared down my list quite a bit because I found myself enjoying this tradition less and less as the recipient list grew a little out of hand. I didn't want to sacrifice writing notes by hand, and I don't have my own family just yet to justify getting one of the many adorable pre-printed photo cards (like, say, anything from Minted), so I just reeled it in and focused a bit. 

Picking out Christmas cards is admittedly something I take more seriously than I should (poor M got to experience my rabid indecision firsthand), but I just treasure them so and assume others do them same. (Please don't ruin my dream!)

This year I chose these beauties from Made by Michelle Brusegaard:

I really wanted to use handmade cards, so I spent some time on Etsy perusing the many lovely, crafty creations. I just fell in love with the vibrant colors and peacock feather motif of this set, not to mention flat note cards are a favorite of mine. (They're like chic postcards.) I felt strongly that I wasn't cool enough to pull off such a modern holiday expression, but I went for it anyway and am so glad I did!

Grabbing a great pen and sitting down at the table with a hot cappuccino and my lovely Christmas cards...it just isn't the holidays for me without that experience.

What are your traditions when it comes to Christmas cards? Do you go for hand-written cards, Christmas letters, festive photos or skip the whole thing?


  1. A. You are adorable!

    B. I love every card I get from you and I consider myself to be rather unobservant to anything proper or refined :), but I ALWAYS notice how adorable your cards are every time I get them. They could be delivered without an envelope and before I opened them, I'd absolutely know it was you.

    I remember actually having the thought this year...WHERE does that girl keep all of her stationary!?

  2. These are great! I love Etsty! They offer so many unique and vintage items. I love Christmas cards. It's great to see the person's personality in each one I receive and of course the one's I give out. :)

  3. Haha! Aw, thanks, lady. :D Mama bought me a wooden stationary box that stores most of it. I just rotate a few sets at a time so I don't have to build a separate shelf or something. (Although, that would be AWESOME!)

  4. I love Etsy, too! That site is so dangerous. Haha. And I agree about the cards reflecting the personality of the sender. Like April mentioned (below), you can almost guess who it's from, just from a glimpse of the cover. I love that!

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