Ask and Ye Shall Receive

This week has been a wee bit crazypants. Long story short: systems and shiz went haywire, CEO got mad, manager was in tears, I couldn't eat I was so anxious (that's serious business for this little piggy), etc., etc., etc. The details aren't important. (Nor is the fact that this week is only half over. Uf.)


I was wisely reminded to take a moment in the midst of the madness to find a quiet place and take my stress and worries to the Lord. I prayed. I prayed real good. I have not historically been the type to pray for specific, practical needs, but I've been lovingly reminded that such matters are never too small for God.

I prayed that he would guide my words, guide my hands, quiet my head, calm my tummy, and bolster my confidence to deliver on what I've been called to do following the meltdown in the office. I also prayed that he would hold close and grant the same provision for my team. And He did. All of the above.

I am still juggling many things right now and working harder than I have in the past three months in this position. But I am thankful for that, encouraged by that and feel more peaceful than I imagined I could given the circumstances. (Impromptu private demo for our new CEO? No sweat...apparently.) (OK, a little sweat. But I think that's the silk cardigan.) 

Remember: nothing is too small. He so wants to be part of your day-to-day, and it pleases Him so to welcome such intimacy in your life during the good, the bad and the ugly. (Philippians 4:6-7)

I hope y'all are having great weeks thus far! Take things a moment at a time and know you're never alone.


  1. Thank you, LeeLee. :) Hope you're having a nice week!

  2. I love the way you are handling things Nat! Tough times don't stay that way. Always remember that.

  3. Natalie, you have such a beautiful heart. You handle stress the way we always should...placing our heart in his and resting. He makes all things new!

  4. He does, indeed! Thank you so much, Anna. I have to remind myself constantly that I'm not in control. By habit, I tend to slip back into control freak mode, but it's an exercise in futility every time. Going straight to Him saves me a meltdown. ;)

  5. Thank you for the reminder. It has been a rather crazy week. Each time I decided to forego a prayer and my usual quiet bible reading, things go wrong.

  6. I'm the same way. Hope this week is a better one for you!