Nesting: A Touch of Whimsy

As I cultivate a living space to (hopefully) exude warmth and comfort, I think it goes a long way to incorporate an element of whimsy into a room. This doesn't mean dust-catching clutter (unless that is what you're into, of course), but a quirky moment among otherwise elegant pieces is like a little treat, a nestled away treasure just waiting for someone to notice and smile.

Check out that sassy lil' owl on the right!
Photo: apartmenttherapy.com 

For example, I keep my desk maintained (decor-wise) as though it is simply another piece of furniture. (Granted, I sort of have to given that it's in the dining room of my apartment. But still.) There are your usual workspace accouterments: laptop, pen cup (I use a repurposed Archipelago candle box), herringbone note pad, stapler, etc., as well as proper desk adornments, like a framed photo and a vase holding the dried bouquet from my mother's wedding. And in the midst of all that coordinated, mostly-practical stuff...

Oh yeah. That's a Peep. This little guy was a gift from my brother, and every time I spot this yellow mug peeking out between the shelves, I can't help but grin. And perhaps say, "Hi, Peep!" Maybe.

For this reason, I've been creating vignettes throughout the apartment that feature a scrappy little nod to an inside joke or a sweet something that makes me smile. I've long been a fan of well-designed vignettes, and while it will be a bit still before I have a proper home in which to let loose, I will continue to collect curious treasures to one day hide among the nooks.

Are there any whimsical pieces in your home (or on your wish list) that you simply adore?

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  1. We became the owners of a quirky vignette piece by force. Our friends have been circulating the world's ugliest ceramic sponge holder, shaped as a fish and painted metallic silver, for a while now. You think your friends have just come over for a lovely dinner and poof, that booger magically appears on your shelf. He's ours now and the reaction he gets from those out of the know makes me think it may be hard to give him up. :)

  2. That is AWESOME! We had something like that at my former place of employment, only this was a squishy rhino that got passed around. I feel like the more random it is, the better. Thanks for sharing your bit of whimsy! I hope silver fishy feels quite at home at your pad. :)

  3. Natalie, that peep is too cute! It would put a SMILE on anyone's face. I'm such a minimalist, that I need to do this more. I do love beautiful calendars, so it's a pleasure turning them each month. Thanks for giving me this inspiration. Small pieces such as that can really make your day. :D

  4. See, I used to be the queen of knick knacks (circa junior high years). Ugh! Then I went the opposite direction and stripped all cuteness away so that everything was functional or barely there. I'm finally loosening up a bit and having fun with it. Definitely a balancing act, though. I still want to have a grown-up apartment, after all. (Grown-ups dig Peeps too, yes?) ;)