This little elf is off and running!

As yesterday marked the first of November (and hopefully the proximate arrival of scarf weather in Texas), and because I would rather swear off coffee for life than step foot near a mall or shopping center in December, I puchased my first few Christmas gifts yesterday!

Lovely giftwrap idea!
(Photo: dustjacketattic.tumblr.com)

I know it is silly early, but I find that I enjoy the season so much more when I shop a little at a time, beginning early in the season.

Not only is it less of a hit to my pocketbook if I spread it out, but starting early also allows me to be a little more thoughtful in my gift-giving. I really dislike grabbing something in a hurry just so I can scratch that person off my list. (I am having a blast gathering inspiration and shopping on Etsy for special somethings for my special someones.) 

By getting a jump start, being mindful in my shopping, paring down my list of recipients (I go for quality over quantity...that goes for many things, really), and wrapping as I go, I find that I can avoid a lot of holiday stress and really embrace the season and its joys.

What is your strategy for avoiding a holiday meltdown?


  1. I totally agree Natalie! I shop starting in late August and try to buy 1 to 2 gifts per paycheck. I should be done by the end of November...leaving time for cookie baking and lots of holiday cheer.
    P.S. I think it may have something to do with the Capricorn side of us as well. :)

  2. Girl, we are kindred spirits! I should have known you were an early bird, too. But you've got me beat by a few months! Wish I had started then, but I'll make do. ;)

  3. Natalie, you are super smart girl. I recently discovered Etsy several months ago and LOVE IT. My friends and I decided to costume as The Pink Ladies from Grease but incorporate breast cancer awareness into our costumes. I came across a shop called Serendipitees that made a 'Boo! Scare Breast Cancer Away" t-shirt. Everyone loved it. The talented shop owners on Etsy is remarkable! It's a great way to give someone something personal when you can't do it yourself (Like me!)! HAHAHA I enjoy shopping earlier, as you mentioned. Many stores have come out with some great sales. You once had to wait until after christmas for those deep discounts, but not anymore. So it pays to shop early! It also leaves a lot of free time to ENJOY the holiday! I'm putting up my Christmas tree early too (so I can enjoy it), but that's another topic! Great blog post! Hope you have a great day! :D

  4. You're so right! I love the handmade feel of Etsy items. They just seem so special. Your costumes sound adorable! What a great idea. :) And cheers on an early tree. I just may do the same! Now, if only Texas would cooperate weather-wise and give me some chilly days to sit by the fire with my pretty tree. ;)

    Thanks for another great comment, Kim! Great getting to know you.