Puppy Love

My dear friends called yesterday to inform me that their sweet pup, Cowboy, had passed away suddenly while playing outside. This dog was something else, let me tell you. He was born on my birthday, so you know he's a special kind of awesome. I spent a good amount of time with him while he was young, staying over to care for him while his folks travelled and snuggling up on the couch when he'd stay still long enough. His personality was one-of-a-kind. And his ears...a true Cow' signature.

Dogs are such wonderful friends and God designed them to so intuitively understand man unlike any other creature. They love unconditionally, despite our moods, frustrations and selfishness at times. Just try to feel down when you see those sweet big eyes and that wagging tail come your way! 

Love on your furry babies, folks. Even when they're being all kinds of naughty and driving you up the wall. You'll probably miss those crazy moments the most when they're gone.

R.I.P. Cowboy
1/11/2011 - 11/27/2011


  1. Ohhh. I'm sad. I had two dogs and they were so close that one died only 2 mos after the other one. It really took a toll on me. They're like family. So sorry to hear about Cowboy. :( But wonderful advice Natalie.

  2. So sorry for your friends' loss. Cowboy looks like he was an original sweetie pie. I'm certain he was much loved.

  3. I am so sorry... Cowboy looked like an adorable boy... xv

  4. Thanks, Vicki. He was something else.

  5. He was very well loved. Couldn't have asked for sweeter parents!

  6. They are like family! I'm so sorry to hear about your babies. We're lucky to be so loved by our furry friends.