[Inspired Thursdays, v.3] Paris, Je T'aime

Truth be told, when I briefly visited Paris at 20 years of age, my appreciation for France was eclipsed by the lovely time spent in (and subsequent romance with) Florence. But as of late, I find myself head over heels for all things French and pining to return for a proper visit.

Photo: adiaryoflovely.blogspot.com

There is something so romantic about France, particularly Paris. (Perhaps this is an American construct; in which case, I downed the Kool Aid.) The beautiful women, fragrant patisseries, countless sidewalk cafes, effortlessly chic style, robust fromageries, classic architecture, House of Chanel...all good things for this little girl. It's the je ne sais quoi!  

Photo: covetliving.com

Be it personal styling, decorating, eating or drinking, I find myself in a very Parisian state of mind as of late. Given that I tend toward a minimalist, modern aesthetic with a nod to the timeless, these softer elements are welcomed influences.

Now, if only I could master the perfect cappuccino and cat eye...

How are you inspired today?   


  1. I couldn't share your enthusiasm more. Parisian girls just seem to have effortless minimalism down. I use it as my excuse for wearing woefully little makeup -- I'm just trying for a little je ne sais quoi of my own. ;)

  2. You should definitely return Natalie! I've never been. I was thinking about going to London in about 2-3 years, so maybe I can add that to my itinerary. I've heard and seen wonderful things as it relates to Paris. Your post just confirms it. Everything looks beautiful there. Wishing you a fabulous day!

  3. Exactly! Every time I try for minimalism, I get, "Are you sick? Did you not sleep?" Fail. Haha! BTW, there is an adorable book called "Entre Nous" (Anthropologie has it, natch) about finding your inner French girl. It's on my Christmas list! ;)

  4. Oooo, London is pretty awesome, as well. Top Shop...dangerous! There is so much to do in Europe and never enough time, so just don't over do it and you're sure to have a wonderful visit. Hope you have a fab day as well, lady!

  5. I love Paris - and the last photo is beautiful!

  6. I too love all things French and Paris is one of my favourite cities - always fascinating and so beautiful!


  7. I agree! I really want to brush up on my photography skills. Pics like this are so inspiring...and hunger-inducing. ;)

  8. So true! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)