Home Sweet Office


Because I work in IT, I sometimes get a little bent out of shape that I can't work from home. It just seems silly to report to an office to sit in front of a computer. I can do that from home, yo. But then, I consider...

I am currently sitting at my desk, still wrapped up in my wool scarf from the 6:45AM commute, with a blanket over my legs, fuzzy gray slippers on my feet, and a warm cup of French vanilla coffee in my favorite Starbucks mug from Ma in my hand.

Remind me again: how is this different fom what I'd be doing at home?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  1. LOL Natalie! Isn't it crazy!Why you have to physically be there ALL the time is beyond me too. Companies should re-evaluate these things.


  2. I too often wonder and argue with my bosses about this. I was in telco and was given a cellphone, broadband etc. Luckily, they caved in when I was pregnant. I was far more productive without chatterboxes stopping by my desk and interrupting my work.

  3. Here here! I honestly think they are re-evaluating, but it's pending the ol' "that's how we've aways done it" attitude. ;)

  4. Exactly! I think I'd get so much more done at home, and I spend a good amount of time in my position out of the office anyway. It seems a waste of their electricity...or at least that's how I like to pitch my argument for going virtual. Haha. :)