Friday, I'm in Love, v.5

It's Friday and I'm in love with...

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Every time I read something from C.S. Lewis--be it a book, an article or my daily Lewis tweets--I am so grateful that God created us all to express ourselves in such unique ways so that we may encourage others who speak our language, so to speak. I often find myself intimidated and confused by some of the classic Christian inspiration available, but Mr. Lewis had a very special voice that challenges and convicts me in the most wonderful ways.

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I have what some may call an "addiction." If there is a bag of chips in the house...well, there won't be for long. I tried some baked cracker chips as an alternative to snacks that leave me feeling like I've consumed an artificial-cheese-covered brick. These little crisps...yum!

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Especially during the sometimes-dreary fall/winter months, I love how bright red lips can add a touch of playful sensuality. Paired with comfies and easy, run-your-fingers-through hair, it's a special pop of sassy without making too much of a fuss.

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As a long-time believer in reusable grocery bags (which I use for everything under the sun, not just food shopping), the adorable reusable sandwich/snack bags available all over the 'net make me do a little happy dance. I can't wait to snag some of my very own to stash within my darling Dia de los Muertos lunch sack. 
Whatcha lovin'?


  1. Thank you so much for following my blog! I've subscribed to yours by email so I'm looking forward to seeing your posts in my inbox.
    PS I too just love chips (well, we call them crisps in the UK but still irresistible) and chocolate too!


  2. Of course! I never heard the term "bobo" and can't believe it has escaped my radar. Haha. :) Thank YOU so much for subscribing to my posts!

    Chips are a special kind of yummy. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to give them up. Hehe.

  3. Red lips are always a good accessory, huh? I can't buy chips because once you eat one it's hard to stop! xo

  4. I adore C.S Lewis books. I love the wonderful message. It's lovely to "meet" another Christian blogger. Must check out these cute sandwich wrappers.

  5. They totally are! I love it when makeup and hair can be their own accessory.

    Agreed! I'm eating some of my crisps right now in fact. Haha! This could get ugly. ;)

  6. So nice to "meet" you too! :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I loved your "How to streamline your closet" post, by the way!

  7. Those sandwich bags are awesome! I had no idea! That will definitely be a future purchase.

  8. alicia cioffolettiSaturday, November 05, 2011

    what a lovely blog you have! uplifting and thought provoking.

  9. Thank you, Natalie! It's a reminder to myself to keep my wardrobe small which is no mean feat given the number of sales every other month.

  10. No kidding! I've started on my Christmas shopping, and in every store I have to be like, "No Natty. Shop for OTHERS." ;)

  11. Aren't those the coolest?! And they come in the cutest fabrics for kiddos, too.

  12. Aw, thank you so much, Alicia. I am so touched. I appreciate very much you reading and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend! :)