Day Planner: Paper vs. Electronic


I'm a wee bit on the Monica Geller side when it comes to planning and organization. I fully admit it. Especially as I get a bit older and am not nearly as sharp about remembering things as I used to be, my day planner is an asset to my life. (I can't remember birthdays to save my life, but I sure do recall the five uber random things I need from the grocery store. Thank you, highly-selective photographic memory.)

And yes, I said day planner. I have tried to make the switch to electronic, I really have. But even with my spiffy iPhone, I just can't get on board with e-calendars. I like having everything written out and being able to look at my life by week or month as I so desire, as well as review past events and dates. (I know that electronic versions do this too, but it's not in my handwriting. Ergo, lies.)

Plus, day planners are pretty!



Exhibit C: {COME TO NATTY}

These are just too lovely to forsake, no? I personally like to keep my planners on my bookshelf for a few years because they can function as a journal when I'm not keeping a separate diary or blogging often. It's a great tool for recalling timelines or tracking special moments.

(Nerd confession: I've notated many relationship landmarks for M and I in my date book. Laugh now, but you just try nailing down an anniversary date for a romance that started out friendly and you'll be whistling a different tune.)
(Where do they come up with these sayings? And why do I use them?!)  

My day planner must-haves:

~Weekly view.
~Lined pages with enough room per day for multiple detailed entries.
~Must be compact enough to fit in my LV mini looping, even if I usually carry a more spacious satchel.
~A ribbon or tab for marking the current week.
~For the love, no pre-printed time slots.

An old-fashioned gal, I most definitely am at times. Much as I'm not a fan of e-readers, I'm not a fan of e-calendars. I simply cannot give up tickling the gilt edges of the pages and scrawling engagements with my Zebra F-301 (best. pen. ever.).

But that's just me.


  1. Haha... All my friends make fun of me because I use a wall calendar for all my personal events instead of my iphone. And I keep it at work. So I am always getting back to people. Maybe I will coach myself into stepping it up for 2012 and get a nifty planner like those you suggested to keep in my handbag (I love Exhibit B). And yes, the Zebra F-301 is a great pen. The perk of working at Staples is getting "samples" of pens whenever. I assume that your treasured pen was also sampled to a fellow Staples employee and gifted to you.

  2. Nat, I'm with ya on this one too! If I don't write it down, I won't remember it. HAHAHA I've got sooo much going on. I've tried the e thing too and it doesn't work for me either. Here's to good ole paper and pen! CHEERS! LOL Have a wonderful evening.

  3. That's so funny, I've been thinking I need a calendar here at work to keep track of things. Haha. We'll share methods! Planners are so nice to have around for notes and stuff too.

    I actually got my first Zebra years ago in a stocking from my Mamaw. We used to write letters to each other, so homegirl knows her proper pens. But good point, bro needs to hook me up!

  4. i love love love a good day planner. i need to find a pretty one for 2012. i too keep my old ones and use them to remember special dates, like the night i first kissed my husband. pretty sure the date has a big heart around it that i drew the day after it happened...haha.

  5. Awww, I love that! Girl after my own heart. :) I still haven't chosen one for 2012 yet either. There are so many to chose from online, but I really like picking one out in the store so I can flip through it and make sure it's a winner.

    Wishing you many heart moments in the year ahead!! Hehe.