My Weekend New England Getaway

I travelled to beautiful New England over the weekend to attend the Christening of my precious niece, Alicia Rae. I have been slacking on my aunt duties as Alicia is nearly ten months old and I had still yet to make it out there. But that has now been remedied. And I am officially obsessed with that baby.

The views en route to Boston airport were lovely and made the 5:00AM flight totally worth it. Watching the sunrise from 35,000 feet? Good stuff.

Seriously? New Hampshire is a special kind of beautiful. As if I don't already pine enough for proper seasons and mature trees as far as the eye can see, I get this breathtaking sight within hours of arriving in Londonderry. 

On Sunday morning, I asked my brother-in-law where the nearest Starbucks was. He laughed at me. The northeast is Dunkin' Land, and I must say I was quite pleased with my morning cup o' joe. And the chocolate cake donut. Hey, I was on vacation!

The Christening was beautiful and I'm so honored that I was invited to be present on Alicia's special day. The deacon reminded us all of the crutial role of family in guiding children to the Lord, which made me appreciate my relationship with my sister and her sweet baby girl even more. Not to mention, my brother-in-law's adorable Italian family welcomed me with open arms. (This was my first time meeting them.) It's such a gift that "step-" and "-in-law" don't really mean much in our family. Love and heckling abound in excess.

My Monday morning view. I get it, New England, you're silly beautiful and make magic in my heart!

Saying goodbye to this little lady was not easy. I am head over heels in love. She has shaped me more than I could have imagined, and I pray that I can be the Aunt she and her wonderful family deserves. I can't wait to visit again!

Missing y'all much, Sissy and fam! xoxo


  1. Loved this post!

  2. What a beautiful baby girl she is. I never really knew what True Love felt like until the day I held my newborn baby nephew in my arms. I can only imagine what the bond between parent & child feels like....but the one you share as an Aunt is INCREDIBLE!!!!

  3. So true! And she is a special little lady, indeed. I can't even imagine how I'll feel with my own. I'll probably just hold and stare at them all day. :)