I've got spirit, yes I do...

Today is Spirit Day at work. Oh, the attempts to make a day at the office exciting. (But flavored coffee works on this gal, I must say.)

Spirit Day, for those unfamiliar with corporate "fun," is a day designated by the philanthropic higher-ups to sport t-shirts or jerseys of your favorite team. Our Texas Rangers are doing some nice work right now, so there's lots of red to be seen, as well as the predictable smattering of burnt orange and navy blue for our hometown teams. (In case you were wondering, I am wearing a pink Dallas Cowboys tee. It's the only team clothing I own and the pinkness gives a shout out to breast cancer awareness month, so it's a two-fer.) Smack talking is dished out (especially in light of the upcoming TX-OU weekend), silly Post-Its are snuck onto work stations, and this playfulness welcomed an air of levity throughout the office (which is pretty chill on a regular basis anyway). 

Now, is this "day" silly, perhaps a bit high school? Sure. And there are always a few who grumble and refuse to participate. Fine. A decade ago, I would have been a grumbler, too. But there was no question as to whether or not I would participate today. Much for the same reason I sought a Cowboys tee to wear to this past weekend's game (my BFFs and I attend one game every year, and man, are we spoiled!), my attitude about events like this is to appreciate and embrace them. If you can't jump in and join the fun, you may miss an opportunity to play with others. And we could all use more play, me thinks.

Speaking of play, my manager decorated our shared office with adorable Halloween funsies this morning. No motion-sensored screams and nothing even really extravagant, but those few touches instantly put me in an even better mood and remind me that it is the most lovely season, after all. I know how easy it is to talk yourself out of the chore of getting decorations out, teetering on ladders, and introducing more items to dust every week (or however often normal people dust). But basking in the glory of your now-festive space, it's worth it. None of this gives meaning to your life or significantly impacts your days, of course, but think of how easily a small negative interaction can impact your attitude. Now, flip that to the positive and know you can create a little happy place to better face the day-to-day.

Another example: tonight I am attending the symphony. (So. excited.) I could just wear nice pants and a blouse, a la my typical work attire. But why not get a little fancy and let my LBD see the light of day (er, eve)? Dab on some perfume, take the few extra moments for liquid eyeliner, brave the sexy heels, and trade in the mom purse for an evening. If not this, then for what I am reserving these special touches?  

Whether it's sporting themed garb, making your space more festive, or embracing an opportunity to make a simple occasion a special one, don't shy away from it. Be bold. You just might make some memories and have a good time!


  1. Such a good reminder for me! I'm historically not a "joiner"... I think I've missed out on a lot of FUN! Next time I'm faced with the choice to get festive/silly or not - I'm going to leave my comfort zone and risk having a fabulous time ;) Awesome post!

  2. I was the same way, big time. Then I started to feel like I was missing out by staying in my comfort zone, bumming out when others were taking pictures and participating. I've learned that if I just do it and own it, people get a kick out of it and I don't feel like I missed out anymore...even if I look a bit goofy sometimes. ;)