[Inspired Thursdays, v.2] The World of Tim Burton

Perhaps because Halloween is looming, or perhaps because of his sheer awesomeness, I am once again knee deep in my adoration of all things Tim Burton.

Photo: Google

I can imagine that given my penchant for girly soft pretties, this may seem an odd romance. But I assure you, my appreciation for this man runs deep and true.

It really knocks me over when someone is not only immensely creative, but so distinctly brands his work that you know within moments you are witnessing a Tim Burton creation (and not just because of the also recognizable/awesome Danny Elfman score). From the creepy-yet-endearing renderings and quirky black and white motifs that pepper his work, to the juxtaposition of his beloved characters with otherwise hum-drum realms, I am absolutely enchanted every time.

"Tree of the Dead" from Sleepy Hollow

I could go on for days about his films and artwork, but I will spare y'all in an attempt to keep this post brief. However, it bears mentioning that Big Fish has been one of my all-time Top 3 Favorite Films for quite a few years now. Given my snobbery, that's saying a lot.

And I may be dressing up as one of his characters for Halloween...


  1. You know I've never seen Big Fish...? Your post is making me thinking that I should add it to my Netflix queue

  2. I definitely recommend it. It's whimsical, funny, heart-felt and will charm your socks off. I hope you like it! (And thank you for commenting!)