[Inspired Thursdays, v.1] Dropping a Line

This post is an introduction to my new series, "Inspired Thursdays." Lately (especially), I have found myself stirred by all the beautiful, thoughtful people and things around me, and I wanted to share that with y'all. Please feel free to share your own inspired moments on your blog or in the comments section below. (If anyone is feeling crafty and wants to create a pretty little button for Inspired Thursdays, I would happily use it every week and link back to ya!)

I am a huge fan of good ol' snail mail. In an age of instant gratification when it comes to communication, it is so heart-warming to discover a hand addressed envelope burried in the midst of bills and junk mail in your mailbox. And stamps! Remember stamps?

Photo: etsy.com
I have a very special friend in New Jersey who consistently surprises me with sweet cards and thoughtful gifts, for holidays, special moments in my life, or sometimes for no other reason than to let me know she is thinking about me. It warms my heart beyond words to have someone so sweet in my life who cares about me so. In fact, I am blessed to have quite a few people in my life who encourage me in this manner, and I don't take their care for granted.

Inspired by my generous, sweet friends and family, I am making an effort to more consistently reach out to those who are in my thoughts and heart, for whatever reason or occasion. I try to keep a stash of special note cards that I've collected over the years (I recently loaded up when visiting Powell's Books in Portland) so that I always have something on hand, and it's also a nice idea to keep a few gift cards or small treasures around to send on a whim. (Starbucks cards and quirky items from Francesca's are some of my go-to gifts.) We are all busy and have a lot going on, so keeping these things in stock, so to speak, will allow you to respond to desires to reach out.

Thank you to those of you who brighten my days with your kind words and thoughtful prayers. (Special shout out to my favorite Jersey Girl, Kendra. Love you!) Y'all inspire me so much, and I am definitely shaped by the love given so freely to me.

What inspires you today?
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  1. I opened your Blog today, not expecting to see my name or the mention of your little reminders I pass along. On a day when I needed a little pick me up...you did it! You're such a beautiful, warm, honest woman Natalie and I love you from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head...
    Cheers to snail mail and many more inspiring blogs...you go girl(in my Jersey accent, and maybe a fist pump or two)!!!

  2. I'm so glad I could finally return the favor in a small way and cheer YOU up. You're an incredible woman, Kendra, and I'm so glad our mamas were crazy women together and that we have forged our own special friendship! :) And hooray for fist pumps! I'll take 'em. Hehe.