I heart fall.

I've decided it's officially fall for three reasons: (1) it rained (proper) over the weekend and is still overcast today, (2) I've worn boots three days in a row now, and (3) I am perpetually craving Starbucks' hot apple cider.

Here are a few things that are making me positively giddy this time of year...

Photo: classy-in-the-city.tumblr.com
I recently discovered a beautiful park within walking distance of work, and I cannot tell you what it does for my day to enjoy a moment outdoors with a good playlist or book. My honey and I recently spent one Saturday laying in the park, listening to the wind blowing through the trees and marveling at the fiery hues of autumn slowly creeping into the foliage.

Photo: everythinglovely.tumblr.com
 Rich auburn locks, smoky eyes and elegant cool-weather accessories are the perfect look for October. (This photo makes me pine for long hair again.)

 Photo: hgtv.com
An inviting chair and cozy blanket make for the perfect thoughtful spot. Watch the rain fall out the window, re-read your favorite compositions (Catcher in the Rye is a fall must-read for me), or cozy up by a fire/space heater. Bonus points for a warm beverage in hand or a furry friend napping at your feet.

Photo: freepeople.com
Year round I gaze at the giant shoe boxes perched atop my closet, just waiting for the time of year to roll around to sport the beauties nesting within. I have my staple pairs of boots for every occasion (casual with jeans, dressy for work, sassy with skirts, comfy with PJs, etc.), but I think my favorite is pairing some richly-colored heeled boots (like these, above) with tights, a cozy dress and a scarf.

 Photo: google.com
My boyfriend makes the best warm beverage treats I've ever tasted. (Ear muffs, 'Bucks.) His cappuccinos are probably my favorite, and enjoying one in PJs on a rainy morning is pretty much my idea of perfection. A great beverage warms so much more than just the tummy.

Photo: alexxandra81.tumblr.com
Scarves are wonderful because they're essentially blankies that are sanctioned for all-day wear: at work, at home, wherever. I especially love neutral-hued textured pieces like the one pictured above. (This photo captures another delightful fall "accessory:" bangs. Long hair, I have not, but I am a proud member of the bangs brigade.)  

This photo feast brought to you by Pinterest. Yes, I did.

What are some of your fall favorites?

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