I have no legs.

OK, that's not true. But given my level of activity as of late, you'd think it were. I do realize the irony of this admission, coming from the same girl who just this past spring got all shouty about staying active. Humbled, I am. Bossy gals often look foolish, and it's definitely a look I don now and again.

If it weren't for (far too frequent) bathroom breaks, I doubt I'd leave my office chair more than twice a day (to refill my coffee mug). Over the past few weeks, I've even spent numerous lunch breaks glued to my seat, searching for new blogs or perusing images on Pinterest. (I am eLame.) But after a lovely day of traipsing around the fair yesterday, I was once again reminded how wonderful it feels to move. Still on an activity high (and probably sugar high, as well), I decided to use my perfectly functioning (albeit intensely pale) legs and take a little stroll for lunch. (Emphasis on "little.")

Photo: classy-in-the-city.tumblr.com

I walked down the stairs of our office building (I do at least heed my own advice on the stairs...all one set of them), across the parking lot and into Zoe's for Mediterranean yummies. Nommed pita later, I used the crosswalk and everything to visit the shopping center across the way, prancing over to Starbucks for a refreshing afternoon beverage(unsweetened black iced tea, please). If I could actually gague distance, I'd be able to better contextualize the brevity of this wee journey. But the distance isn't the point. (Getting there, promise.)

The point: I usually drive to that Starbucks. Or to the Panera in the adjacent shopping center. It isn't even a five minute walk, yet I usually drive it. When I lived in Brooklyn, I walked eight city blocks (yes, sometimes in the snow) to the nearest subway station to even begin my commute to work. But these days I'm driving myself across the street for caffeinated treats and delectable sandwiches. Madness, self!

The payoff: in addition to not feeling like such a sloth, I was filled with delight by some of the sweet moments I witnessed by virtue of simply being outdoors, amongst other humans. I am a total house cat and generally prefer to be indoors, in select company, curled up in a blankie and reading a book (or watching HGTV and Food Network). But there is something to be said for stepping out of one's comfort zone...and stepping out, in general.


  1. You are too cute! Now I don't feel so bad about driving to the mailbox... hee hee. xo

  2. Haha! That's awesome. When I lived out in the country, walking to the mailbox was my daily dose of cardio and sun exposure. ;)

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Debby! Loving your blog.