Friday, I'm in Love, v.4

It's Friday and I'm in love with...

Photo: decorpad.com
I am definitely a texture person when it comes to design, and I think prints can be a great way to introduce elements that interest the eye and create the same effect as tactile pieces. Damask strikes me as so regal and elegant, especially in modern, unexpected hues and manifestations. (Um, hi, blog background.) 

Photo: Etsy
I continue to marvel at the blessing that is family. They don't have to be blood related to immensely shape your heart, but the people with whom you create a cocoon of support and trust are valuable beyond measure. I have the most giving, loving family of people around me, and I feel so grateful for and giddy about that.

Photo: Google
Painted nails can be an accessory in and of themselves. OPI's Over the Taupe is one of my go-to polishes all year 'round. This color is especially yummy when paired with fall boots and coats, and goes equally well with black, browns, grays, navy, etc. (IMO, color polishes look super chic on shorter, manicured nails. Best leave tinted talons to Bonquiqui. Don't get crazy!)

Photo: ricekrispies.com
There is something so nostalgic and wonderful about Rice Krispie Treats, don't you think? I decided to make some for this weekend's Halloween festivities, but it had been a while since I made them so I had to do a dry run first. They were so tasty (and ridiculously simple, especially if you use marshmallow fluff vs. whole 'mallows), and my office mates appreciated my Type A need to test out a recipe before bringing it to the table.

What are you crushing on at the moment?


  1. So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. These are great picks all but the nailpolish I'll have to try! Also, gotta say, best name for a blog *ever*.

  2. Thank you so much! You just made my day! :D

    Let me know what you think of the polish. I feel like it's a great color for everyone (if you're into taupe).

    So glad to have you reading and thanks again for the sweet comments! Happy weekend. :)

  3. LOVE that Opi polish color! So pretty!

  4. i looooove rice krispies treats, i can never get enough of it. i just ate white chocolate covered strawberries so that is what i am crushing on at the moment. ;)

    <3, Mimi