Friday, I'm in Love, v.2

I feel it is high time to resume these happy little Friday posts, so here I go.

It's Friday and I'm in love with...

Photo: flickr.com

I'm a sucker for great penmanship, so calligraphy naturally piques my interest and makes my nerdy little heart pitter-patter. I've been searching the 'net for local classes. It seems like a dying art, and I'd love to be able to offer my services to others for invites, special correspondence, etc.

Photo: img1.etsystatic.com

I used to exclusively wear silver jewelery as I felt gold was unflattering for my skin tone (a whiter shade of pale). But I've come around on gold baubles and love combining newer bright gold pieces (like my lovely watch by Mr. Kors) with beloved silver staples. Mixing gold and silver rings was a delicate way to ease into this pretty statement.

Photo: hgtv.com

I'm obsessed with silhouettes right now. I've always liked them, actually, but seeing the ways they are being used in modern decor (oh, and hello, festive lovelies!) makes me wish for a giant blank hallway and fancy frames kerplenty.

Photo: myheartbeatsforvogue.tumblr.com

As further evidence that long-standing style guidelines are going out the window (or perhaps more evidence for how out of the loop I am), I am seeing a lot of gray paired with gold accessories as of late. And I like it. It feels like a quirky, unexpected dichotomy between the richness of gold and the casual chic of gray (much in the same vein of gold paired with silver jewelery, mentioned earlier).

Photo: thehiddenlist.com

Months ago I saw a beige crocheted pouf on HGTV, and I've since been searching for one for my very own. The textural element and soft round shape would be a welcomed addition to the modern square furniture throughout my apartment. They're like cute little perches for your tired feet, warm beverage, laptop, books, etc.

What are you loving right now, dear readers?

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  1. Such lovely things :) I also used to wear only silver jewelry but now I'm loving gold pieces.

  2. It so funny how that changes, huh? It's definitely fun to play with accessories in a new way.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :)

  3. sooooo cute! that silhouette on the pumpkin is genius! what am i loving now...my kitten that is 2 months old, clothes fresh out of the dryer, taking pictures of the leaves changing, hot cocoa in the morning.

  4. Isn't that the coolest? I gotta get me one of those pumpkins...or at least A pumpkin.

    You are loving some WONDERFUL things right now, lady...

    Kittens are...well, they're kittens! So cute.

    Clothes out of the dryer are the best. My mom used to put our clothes in the dryer in the mornings before school so they'd smell delish and be super warm; I still like to do that on cold mornings as a treat.

    Cocoa is so good. Have you ever had Mexican hot cocoa? It has a little kick that makes it very tasty as a dessert or afternoon delight.

    And the leaves changing are one of my favorites too. It's such a gorgeous every day reminder of the season.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)