Coffee counts as DIY, right?

Because if it does, I am a crafty queen!

In a baffling twist of fate, I realized last night that I am completely out of coffee at home. Not a single espresso pod (except for decaf, which doesn't count for life) nor coffee bean to be found. I am not sure how this happened, but I am fairly certain that the apocalypse is near.

Photo: notebookmagazine.com

In light of my coffeeless excuse of an apartment, I drove through Starbucks on the way to work for my morning fix. As much they're mentioned here, I actually rarely visit Starbucks proper. (Rare for an addict, of course. It's all relative.) Admittedly, the prices are a little tough to justify at times, but it is quite a treat when I visit. I get a curiously giddy feeling when I hold that warm iconic cup in my hands, which I like to imagine is how Proust's Marcel felt when nomming his madeleine. But that is purely speculation.

Instant gratification aside, there is something so sensuously special about making one's own coffee. From sniffing out delicious blends in their bags and griding the whole beans to the perfect size, to tamping the grinds* and pulling the perfectly timed shot (if you're an espresso lover like me), the process itself is an experience. 

Photo: fancyadance.tumblr.com

Creating a delicious beverage can be an art, and I appreciate the time invested in making something special to start one's day. A little happy with the right accessories (raw sugar, steamed soy, dash o' cinnamon, whatever you fancy) can go a long way.

Photo: myrevelment.com

Happy brewing, dear readers!

*I am kind of a sellout, though, as I inherited an espresso machine with pre-formed pods. ((hangs head))


  1. I share your same love for coffee. In fact I was out of the country one time and my friend brought a bag of coffee but we didn't have a coffee maker to brew a cup, not even a French press was in sight. So we loaded up on dark chocolate bars and dipped the pieces in the bag. Best and worst realization of my love for coffee.

  2. Oh my goodness, I nearly spit my beloved brew all over my laptop from laughing at that. That is hilarious. Glad to know that there are others who would go the distance for the love of coffee. ;)

  3. Hahaha!!! Going the distance is an understatement. This was day 3 of no coffee and we were in pure desperation. Only a true coffee drinker/lover could understand the depths we went for the taste of the beloved brewed bean on our lips... We happlily settled.