Austin According to Nat

~Copious amounts of delicious vegetarian food
~Wi-Fi everywhere
~Three words: Flagship Whole Foods
~Your favorite "underground" singer/songwriter is in heavy rotation on the radio
~Good coffee EVERYWHERE
~The city is always awake
~I'm pretty sure a large population of the residents are actual pirates. Rad.
~Whatever you're wearing is perfectly acceptable/appropriate for any given venue
~Even if your destination takes 45 minutes to get to, it never feels like more than 10 minutes*
~Recycling is the norm

~Copious amounts of delicious vegetarian food (I'm preparing for Winter. Or twins.)
~Possibly the worst drivers in Texas
~There is always traffic on I-35 between UT and Oltorf.** Both directions.
~Young 'ens are running amuck and manning most retails stores/restaurants
~The temptation for tats is out of control
~Friends and family from DF-Dubs aren't here....yet

More to come as I settle in.... (I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.)

*Assuming you've avoided said stretch of 35 (**).


  1. Glad to hear you are settling in! I loved living in Austin. There is so much to do and see and eat. On a positive note to your 3rd con: You can get around most of the city easily while avoiding highways completely. So good!

  2. Austin sounds awesome. And I can totally relate to the constant traffic on that particular spot. Near where I live there is a couple miles of road where there has been heavy construction on the Beltway for maybe two years now, and traffic is a constant crawl, even at midnight!!!

  3. It looks like the Pro's list far outweighs the Con's missy. Don't forget about Portland! You can walk everywhere so that you can eat all the food you want, just remember to pick the correct walking shoes ;)

  4. Just came across your blog and read a few posts and love it! I’ve just started (it’s a work in progress for sure) a new blog about being a singleton in my 30s. Would love to follow you and hope you do the same! You can find me at:



  5. Who is the favorite underground artist?
    Temptation for tats...that's awesome. Hold strong, don't "Hold Fast".

  6. Happy Labor Day, Natalie! I mentioned you in my latest blog award (http://debster86.blogspot.com/2010/09/end-of-week-award.html)

  7. The question is: Do you have any tats now? :)

  8. I was in Austin for 2 days in October. I came out of it with a tattoo. You're soo not kidding about that one.