Take It All In

I spend an inordinately large amount of time just looking around. Staring, really. It wouldn't surprise me if the people next to me, in fact, think I'm about to have a stroke. I'm not.

Especially lately, I think it's so important to stop and take moments to just burn your surroundings and corresponding feelings to your mental hard-drive, as it were. This is especially lovely to do when sitting outside (to which the fiery Hades of Texas Summer is not entirely conducive, but still); there is something so calming and wonderful about nature. (Potted plants and patio misters? Not nature. Sorry.)

Humor me, if you will...

Grab a giant blanket/towel, your iPod, and head to the nearest park, clearing, lake/river bank, etc. Sit for at least 30 minutes. (Alone, if you can swing it.) Keep the volume on the music contraption down low enough to still hear the birds chirp and the waves churn (if you are lucky enough to have a water view), and just look around.*

And, if you are feeling stifled on the inspiration front, here are some lovely ditties I recommend for said occasion...
"Delicate" - Damien Rice
"Moon River" - Patty Griffin
"Quiet Town" - Josh Rouse
"Hideaway" - Karen O and the Kids
"Jesus Was a Crossmaker" - Rachael Yamagata
"Revelry" - Kings of Leon
"Clockwork" - MuteMath
"Keep the Car Running" - Arcade Fire
...or add the Ray LaMontagne station to Pandora and let 'er rip.

If you are moved to tears, I'm not responsible. Well...maybe a little. But it's good for ya.

*Side note from Mama Nat: tell at least one person where you're going. Don't be those co-eds in Zodiac.


  1. I love this perspective. I plan on doing a lot more quiet moments now that I have my own space to breathe, heal, and grow.

    Love the music list, and might I add anything Ryan Adams and Snow Patrol? They both put me in sweet, reflective mood.

    Also, Rachel Yamagata kicks so much ass, LOVE her!

  2. I think the world has convinced us that if we're not constantly doing "stuff" we're not being productive. As such a lot of people (including me) just never take time to truly enjoy life anymore, or even feel guilty when they do. It's sad really.

  3. Calm and still, two underused commodities, Mama Nat. Nice :-)

  4. Well now that I have a good book from a very good friend (wink wink) I should totally take in a view up at Pittock and do some reading. But if fluffy dogs are around I cannot promise to keep my focus.

  5. I read this at a time when I so badly need to take this advice! Just reading it sounds nice.