"Our baby's all grows up"

Though I am, in many ways*, still a kid at heart, I do take note of moments here and there that indicate to me that I am, in fact, growing/grown up. It kind of sneaks up on you, really.

For example, I still have monthly sleepovers with my best girl friends. The four (sometimes five) of us rotate hosting, and there are usually copious amounts of wine drinking and soul-bearing to be had. It's one of the most awesome things ever. In fact, even dudes should partake. You can call it bro-vers. If you want.

But it is particularly during these SOs that I notice some of the differences in our behaviors/preferences that indicate growth and maturity have taken place...

- Everyone is tuckered out by 10pm (well, except me, but that's insomnia, not stamina)
- We do still drink a decent amount (of wine, which is good for you, duh), but only because we know that we're safely home and don't have to drive anywhere (drinking responsibly, yo!)
- We cook actual meals for each other...meals that don't originate in their entirety from a box or a phone call
- Each girl leaves a sweet note upon their departure, thanking the hostess for everything she did, on top of the folded blankets they borrowed the night before
- Despite the sweet note already left, "thank you"s continue to be exchanged via email and text for another three days
- When chatting about "boys," this includes: fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and bosses. Redefines "boy crazy" a bit, huh?
- Someone always cries...but never because of a crush-gone-bad or the like. (Come to Jesus 2009...and '10)
- We talk about our faith (and struggles with it) at least once per SO
- We can each have conversations with any of the other three without jealousy or suspicion of gossip

Great times with great friends. Recognizing the value of that (above most else) is what growing up is all about.

*I regularly order off the kids menu (if they let me...); I love me some swings; I do a happy dance when thing go well, and throw a straight up hissy fit when they don't; I could still watch Tom & Jerry all day long; I am grumpy on two occasions: when I'm tired and when I'm hungry; I believe that puppies and kitties cure everything, etc...


  1. Someone lied to me (probably various movies), or maybe your sleepovers are different, but this is not what I have been told happens at sleepovers. And I think it's awesome that you have friends like that, because I run on the principle that my friends are my friends because they go home at the end of the day.

  2. Aw yes. I feel Im growing up too. It's weird... being responsible without even trying!

  3. Adult sleepovers are the best. Almost as awesome as it was when it was a big deal to stay up past midnight when I was 12. Well, I guess the staying up past midnight part is still a big deal. Not in the "like it was sooo cool that like we stayed up till like 1" sort of way in the "OMG I have to go to work in the morning, WTH have I done to myself" sort of way.

  4. I really love this idea of the sleep overs with your best girl friends!! It's a great way to stay connected and have fun. May have to institute it in my own circle.

  5. This is very true. I do enjoy the girls night INs more than the girls night outs as I get older. Relaxing > partying any day of the week now.

    Just attended a bachelorette party this weekend and I am still paying for the price 3 days later!