[West Coast Road Trip] Day 7: Seattle Day-trip

We got another early start for our day-trip to Washington. I still wasn't feeling 100%, but dear Chicken knows the way to get me in a blissful state-of-mind: a great cup of coffee. We drove-through Dutch Bros and I got the Cocomo, which is basically the coffee equivalent of a Mounds candy bar. Wove. Twue wove.

Once we reached Seattle, we started our morning with yummy piroshkies (mine was potato, cheese, and onion) curbside on Pike. We traipsed around the market and noshed on some delicious Rainier cherries. The variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers was truly a sight!

We caught a ferry to Bainbridge Island for a lovely lunch at 122 Winslow. Bainbridge is such an adorable little waterside town, and it was so nice to enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious eats while watching the locals mosey on by.

We also had an absolutely blast people-watching on the ferry. A precious child was nearly stolen (by Chicken) and I was this-close to intervening in an awful, awkward date between two twenty-somethings. (I'm pretty sure Homegirl almost threw Captain BadAtConversation overboard.) Chicken and I were so tired that we were pretty much delirious most of the trip. I'm pretty sure everyone assumed we were drunk (which we weren't) and ridiculous (which we were). It was awesome!

We made the ferry back in time to get caught in wicked terrible traffic. Sweet. (/sarc)

The evening was spent sipping beers and visiting with friends at the condo. Another wonderful day in the Pacific Northwest.

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