[West Coast Road Trip] Day 6: Touring Downtown Portland

I am (yet again) exhausted beyond belief, so I'm going to make this short and sweet...

5:30am - The Chickens and I head to Downtown Portland, they to go to work like good members of society, me to run amuck like a proper tourista.

6:00am - Post up at Starbucks for catching up online, blogging, listening to some music, and hanging out. Triple espresso, given.

8:00am - Found myself a lovely park bench on the waterfront where I listen to Pandora, watch people play with their dogs in the park, and smile like a fool at the wonder that is this trip.

9:00am - Walk around downtown Portland, still smiling like a damn fool. Starbucks stop #2.

10:00am - The Epicurean Excursion begins at the beautiful Heathman Hotel!
Our stops include:
Pearl Bakery ~ The chocolate croissant and baguettes are to die for. Bonus hair net.
Cacao ~ Who knew that a girl without a sweet tooth could so enjoy drinking chocolate?
Flying Elephants Deli ~ Tomato orange soup...like woah.
Stumptown Coffee Roasters ~ The Guatamalan blend we sampled was one of the most delicious full-bodied coffees I've ever tasted.
TeaZone ~ The jasmine-infused green tea was my fave.
Cool Moon ~ Hefeweizen ice cream. Done.
In Good Taste ~ Four words: black truffle infused salt. LOVE. (The delicious glass of pinot noir and moroccan flavored ketchup & mustard didn't even stand a chance.)
Hot Lips Pizza ~ Best slice of vegan pizza I've ever had.

2:30pm - Head home with the Chickens. Nap time.

5:30pm - Lovely dinner at home of veggie burgers with chips and dip.

7:00pm - Visit Mr. Chicken's folks and hang out in their beautiful garden.

And now I rest my weary body and hope I wake up feeling better. At the moment my feet are throbbing from the 3 mile tour (in Chucks...idiot) and I am fighting a sinus infection. Really, body?

Tomorrow: Seattle, WA. I WILL feel better in the morning!


  1. Are those CUCUMBERS on that pizza?

    I want to be in Seattle. I love it there so much.

  2. OMG, now I know why you don't sleep. Can you say Caffeine and sugar=insomnia?

    The pix are great though. Feels like we are all traveling with you except for the confusion of trying to please umpteen people.

    Boo on the sinus infection. Feel better and keep us posted.

  3. Hefe? Ice cream?! Wow.