[West Coast Road Trip] Day 5: 9.5 hours, 613 miles travelled

Yesterday was another bright and early start at 5:30am. I was so motivated to get on the road that I actually missed the complimentary La Quinta breakfast. Blasphemy, right?

After a full-blown shouting match with Lady Garmin (that smug, loud wench), I was on the 5 and headed straight for Oregon. (Homegirl tried to take me on some tiny, one-lane freeway, which would have added about 30 minutes to my time. Where's the logic in that, machine?)

Anywho, we reconciled and had a very lovely journey together. Starbucks in hand and the 1940s station on Sirius, I took in the scenery and had a nice chat with Mom. She would have been 53 yesterday. (I imagine the cake in Heaven is out of bounds delicious!)

The drive from Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR was absolutely gorgeous! I even got teary a few times given how beautiful and majestic were the sights. (I'm not usually a cry baby, but seriously...wow.) I was so inspired, in fact, that I talked to a STRANGER while filling up at the base of Mount Shasta (see pic below). We bonded, even. (The eff?!) But, seriously, it's a wonder I didn't drive off the road upon views like this...

I arrived in Portland around 4pm yesterday. The Chickens and I enjoyed dinner of delicious Divine Thai Wraps at Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro. And because I'm in vacation (and a heifer at heart), we capped off the evening with cupcakes from Bliss Bake Shop. (Coconut Bliss for me, please!) By the way, I keep meaning to take pictures of all my delicious eats to share with y'all...but they're destroyed and all over my face before I remember to do so. Perhaps I should slow it down a bit on the scarfing? Meh.

It was so nice catching up at the lovely Casa de Chickens with Mrs. Chicken herself. (The only thing missing was Biscuit.) We called it an early night on account of the fact that we had all had long days; not to mention, we left the house this morning at 5:30am to begin our respective days.

On the agenda today: foodie walking tour (eep!!), traipsing around downtown when Mrs. gets off work, and then...we'll see. :)


  1. Ha! Lady Garmin? You make me laugh :)

    It looks like an amazing drive! I've always wanted to see Portland and this is just pushing me over the edge... have a great walking tour!

  2. Mt. Shasta is a gorgeous mountain. I used to live in Weed, Ca., which you probably passed on the 5N, and got to check out the view daily.

  3. Food tour, yum

    Heaven cake, yum

    You and your biscuit "chicken" are making me extremely hungry.

  4. Welcome to Portland! I guess I should catch up on my reading (no clue). You lucked out with the weather right now. It's unseasonably beautiful today. If your downtown tonight, check out Kelly's Olympian on Washington St. between 4th & 5th avenue. It's a dandy, little rocker/uber-Portland bar.