[West Coast Road Trip] Day 4: 10 hours, 589 miles traveled

I'm tired from a long day of travel, my loves. So here's the lazy breakdown:

3:00am - Wake up. Curse insomnia. And eyeballs.

3:45am - Head out for a quick pitstop at LAX.

5:00am - First Starbucks stop of the day, just outside of LA. Triple espresso and "The Coffee House" station on Sirius. Watching the sun come up in this fashion was not too shabby at all!

6:00am - Pull off to skip around on the beach. Oh yeah. I do the skipping. The joggers? Not amused.

6:45am - Quick potty stop at a park just south of Carpinteria. "Why mention this?" you ask. Because park means SWINGS! Yes, gals and gents, I played on the swings. By myself. At 6:45 in the morning.

7:30am - Breakfast at an adorable patisserie on State Street in Santa Barbara with my dear friend Emily (a.k.a. Paint Chips). It was so nice catching up and it did not feel like a second has passed since we were hanging out all the time (back in 2003). She's preggers too, so it was fun to hear all her adventures thus far. Isn't she cute?

11:00am - Pitstop #2 at Starbucks, this time in San Luis Obispo, which is where I lived for a year (2003-2004) for college. Definitely fun to visit my ol' Starbucks to charge up my contraptions, refuel on caffeine, and check in with friends on FB and whatnot before jumping back on the road.

11:45am - Um, after this point it all kind of blends together because I didn't stop except to refuel or grab a little snack. But the drive was GORGEOUS and I'm so glad I chose to see California this way!

4:30pm - Arrive in Rancho Cordova/Sacramento to hunker down for the night. I ate In-N-Out in my hotel room with my lovely date, Food Network. Great end to a wonderful day. Time to wind down for another long day of driving...

On the agenda for tomorrow: Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR to stay with The Chickens!

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