I present to you....my sarcasm tag

I'm still sans computer, but that should be remedied this week, just in time for my Bloggy Date with the girls. (A Bloggy Date is a wonderful afternoon spent at either a coffee shop or very accommodating restaurant with laptops and girlfriends in tow--and, most likely, mimosas--working on our respective blogs/blog posts. A whole lot of yammering, a little bit of writing, and endlessly awesome.)

I know there are various incarnations of a sarcasm font floating around the internets, but I frankly don't like any of them. As I love me some HTML tags (nerd alert!), I've decided that my personal sarcasm font is going to be more of a sarcasm tag. It looks a little something like this:

My ex just proposed to a twenty-two-year-old. Awesome. (/sarc)

Please note that I've opted to not use a leading tag as that is just too much work. I realize this may create some confusion as to what part of the phrase/sentence/aside I mean sarcastically, but, well, I can't do all the work. I mean, if you don't understand my sense of humor, I doubt a leading tag is going to make the difference.

Also, I'm using parentheses versus...um...these things "<>" so that the machine understands that I'm not actually trying to use a real tag. (I tell you, the attitude I get from the machines...)

So there you have it. You've been warned and shall begin seeing this tag pop up in my Tweets, Facebook updates, and blogs effective immediately. Feel free to have at it, as well.


  1. I can't wait for our date!

    Also, I've been using /sarcasm for years. It just works. If you're talking to a person who doesn't GET you.

  2. What a wonderful idea! What a fantastic way to cut down on the translation between written word and sense of humor. I just hope that people that read my sick humor know that half the time I am kidding....notice I said "HALF the time" :)

  3. @Shine, Me either! And great point...

    ADDENDUM: I don't think I'm the first genius to come up with such a shortcut for when my absence of tone and/or facial expressions don't make my snarkiness crystal clear. I'm just sharing how I personally plan to combat this very important issue. (/sarc)


  4. How come we have to "alert" people to sarcasm? Like holding up a sign that says, "I am being sarcastic." Is sarcasm a new thing that no one gets? It's sarcasm people, get with the program.

  5. Your ex proposed to a twenty-two year old???

  6. I love it.. I didn't even know there was such thing as a sarcastic tag! Where the heck have I been!? And yay for your new computer!

  7. @Snafu, Nooooo, that was just an example of a situation in which sarcasm would be running rampant. I'd be way more unjustifiably stabby if that were fact.

    @Carissa, Well, there isn't. I made it up, so don't feel bad. :) And yay, indeed...can't wait to be back to blogging!!

  8. Love! I was just saying something to this effect at work, though I was using "". I like yours because it's shorter. Kudos!

    @purplecuts- Because sarcasm doesn't translate to the written word. I know this as I have (somewhat unwittingly) made a guy think I was mad at him.

  9. I've been begging for a sarcasm font forever now. Thank you kindly for fixing the need. And the funny part of sarcasm is trying to figure out whether or not they were serious, so a leading sarc tag would lose all the fun. Although, I also know your EXACT tone...so the point is moot here, but still.

  10. haha that is a wonderful idea! i feel like sarcasm is a tricky issue in internetland.