I can has a million dollars?

Well hello, new followers! I hope very much that I can entertain, bring a smile to your pretty/handsome little face, give you a break from the schenanigans of every day, make you salivate with all the coffee talk...and so forth. I heart you already.

There's a very odd habit that one picks up when you find yourself utterly broke: you don't want to part with anything that is even remotely useful. Why? Because if you throw something out, there is a slight chance that you may need this item (or something like it), and by not having it, you'll have to spend money getting it. You know, money, something you don't have.

Case in point: I ran out of my Shu Uemura Satin Design polishing milk. (The who did the what in the where? It's hair product, kids.) I friggin' love that stuff, but at $33 a bottle, um, yeah, no more for Natty. I happened to have some "styling creme" in my cabinet, so I decided to just use that shizz (since it's already in my possession) for my blow outs.

Epic fail.

The crap makes my hair feel like it's infused with Mod Podge. Which, just, ew. So even though this stuff serves its basic purpose (putting any product between the heat and your hair provides some thermal protection, FYI), it's just...not...good. Nothing is worse than petting your own hair (Anyone? No, just me? Alrighty then.) and getting all tangled up and sticky.

Moral of the story: sometimes, no matter your financial status, you've got to pony up and buy the good stuff. Compromise? I will treat myself to a new bottle of Sebastian Potion 9 (which, at $16 a bottle is a nice go-between for this product whore). HOWEVER, I will attain said product with my Target gift card from the Easter Bunny! So I'm not actually spending any money.

Other people's money for the win!

Next order of business: acquire gift cards from Chipotle, Starbucks, and Anthropologie. Then I'll be unstoppable! Bwahahaha!


  1. Anthropolgie! I salivate over stuff I can't afford in that place all the time!

  2. Girl, where is your complete list of favorite hair products? I need to know immediately, STAT, right the heck now! (patience is NOT my middle name).

  3. Is this a heat protectant or some kind of hair goddess in a bottle? I'm cheap (sorta) so I use a trial size of the CHI heat protectant.

    Thought on the same not, I have no problem dishing out $12 for a nail polish. And that's actually not the most expensive polish I own....

  4. I'm so bad at spending other people's money. I'm super great at spending my own, though.

    It's ridiculous.

    I want some of this magic milk business. I don't really put anything in my hair...oops.

  5. @Mary, I know! I won't even go in there because it's just too cruel.

    @Sketches, I've actually been thinking about doing a blog of my favorite beauty products for a while now, so I just may have to get on that!

    @Purplecuts, Potion 9 is a thermal protectant and smoother, so it does make your hair pretty gosh darn goddessy. And I totally feel you on the pricey polish! Polished nails are like an everyday, super chic accessory, so it's totally worth it!

    @Shine, but see, you work hard for your money. I...don't work. Boo. We'll fix you up real nice, though I must say, your hair always looks lovely to be sans product!

  6. Agreed...there are some things in life that the generic brand just doesn't cut it. Especially when you need some sassy hair!

  7. I feel ya. I'm in such dire straits that I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to use the Visa giftcard I recently got to pay my credit card bill. Yup. It's bad times for this college girl.

  8. I agree with Sketch, I would like a list of full beauty products and do's and dont's...weekly/monthly column? Me thinks yes please. Yanno, right after I start my party planning 101 blog I've never written. Hush.

    I love the thrifty and useful, so product substitutes are the bomb. Even with a jobby job.

  9. I have products in my closet from my make-up artist days that I'm sure have gone bad yet I can't bare to part with them! I believe this is a sickness we have. Perhaps we need to start a support group, maybe where ever cheap drinks are sold?