Doing a little sumpthin' sumpthin' for myself...

(And no, I'm not talking about that, my dear head-in-the-gutter friends.)

This is one of those rare weekends during which I have nothing on the books. There is nothing like spending a weekend in comfies, sans makeup, catching up on a little Me Time. No work, no drama, no driving amuck, and no schedule whatsoever. Woop woop!

Today I indulged by doing something I haven't done much of in the past six months: I grabbed a book and headed to Starbucks, right smack in the middle of the day. I got a soy frappucino (with a free coupon, nonetheless), sat on the patio in the sun, and read about 40 pages from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (our current Book Club read). It was absolutely wonderful!

The sun warmed my uber pale skin, while the wind gave me goosebumps and played in the pages of my paperback. I happily tapped my flip flops as I read, and even found myself taking pleasure in the chatter coming from the other patrons taking advantage of the patio on this sunny spring day. (That's right, folks: nary a dirty look or threat of bitch slaps to the Stranger Danger.)

I used to take my reading dates for granted, especially when I'd schedule them in the middle of a busy weekend. I could barely get through five pages without adding another errand to my list and thinking about the things I needed to be doing in my apartment. But I now realize how decadent are these moments of peace, especially when relished in the midst of an unfettered day. I have so many friends and family members who don't even get a moment to themselves to take a hot bath or watch some mindless TV--at least not without being interrupted by the kids, the husband, the dog, life--much less a whole hour to bask in the sun with a tasty coffee treat and a good read.

Not to mention, given my current financial situation, I no longer spend my weekends getting fancy spa pedicures, shopping until I can't carry any more, and noshing on expensive takeout. But for $5 (in theory...today was on Starbucks!), I get a moment of Happy that simply cannot be underestimated.

What are your favorite little indulgences?


  1. that book's next on my list! can't wait to start it.

    and sometimes weekends with nothing to do are the best. better than running around like a nutcase. ps - love the comment you recently left on my blog. There's hope for us!!

  2. And the accidental weekends with nothing to do...rock my socks off! Not to mention, improve my health substantially. Any chance someone would pay us just to go around and enjoy the simple pleasures in life? No. Dammit.

  3. Where did you get a coupon? So jealous!! i love reading out doors (seriously), as long as there's a bit of shade :)

  4. @No One Reads, You're gonna love it! It's kind of hard to get into at first because it's like, "What in the H is all this Swedish stuff they're talking about?!" But next thing you know, you've read 200 pages in a day. :D

    @Gofahne, Yeah, I've tried to make that my job, but I'm still waiting on the offer letter. You definitely need to indulge in low-key weekends more often, Busy Bee!

    @Graygrrrl, I'm a frequent flyer, so occassionaly they send me free drink coupons. Well, "free;" really it's a kick back for spending way too much scratch on coffee and tea treats. And yes, a wee bit of shade is a must for us "glowing alabaster" peeps. (Love that!)