We've got some issues.

This message brought to you by the lovely Shine...

As most of you know, the Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendments bill passed in Utah this week. When we heard the news, Marie and I were both plagued with the question, "But what can we do?" What can we do to make our voices heard? We don't live in Utah. We don't even live anywhere near each other. But we wanted to be able to do SOMETHING. Or simply say something to make everyone aware of what is happening concerning women's issues and rights.

While some of you maybe on one side of an issue and others maybe on the opposite side, Marie and I really wanted to ask everyone to come together on one day and write something about an issue that predominately affects women. It doesn't matter what it is. We would never ask you to make yourselves uncomfortable. But we think it's important to get those issues out there.

And we all know women have some issues, right?

We're thinking that it would be really awesome if, on April 5, 2010 (That's a Monday!), we all posted on issues that affect women. You can choose any topic (i.e. purity rings & programs for girls, sex education, birth control, abortion, abuse & women, sexual assault, etc.). We've made a handy button (seriously, HOW does that word always sound dirty to me...) for you to include in your post, so it will be clear that we're all doing this together and such.

Remember, if we don't speak out, who will? Even in 2010, women's issues are important and shouldn't be ignored. Please feel free to spread the word to anyone else who might want to participate.

If y'all feel inclined to participate, please be sure to email Shine (shine at ishineoutloud dot com) so we can link to and check out your posts!


  1. What a great idea, Natalie. Very cool of you.

    Now I just hope I remember, on Monday, to do this :-/

  2. Well, I can't take credit for it. It was an idea spawned by my brilliant friend Shine, but nevertheless I'm really excited to read everyone's posts! I'm probably even going to work on mine this weekend so it's just right. That's dedication, yo! :)