Nothing says summer like sweating your arse off in this hot, flat stretch of land...

I am a huge fan of fall and winter. Like, love it: the snow (y'all still want to make fun of me for expecting snow in Texas?), the mittens, the fires, the holidays, etc.

However, I am actually looking forward to summer this year. Believe it or not, I enjoy the Texas Summers. (Please send me a link to this post in late-July when I'm threatening to shank you with a dirty fork because I can't control my rage when it's one-hundred and ten degrees.)

To be fair, it's not so much the season itself as it is the associations with summer that I so adore. Some of my favorites?

- Shiner Sundays at Love & War in Texas. Live music, cold beers, fried food...Natty likey.
- Being in a boat out on a lake (preferably Lake Travis), listening to music and getting pulled around in a tube
- Floating the river(s) in New Braunfels, followed by dinner at the Gristmill
- Margaritas and queso on any given patio in the DFW area
- Sundresses and flip flops
- Lazy days and late night swimming at Gofahne's pool, preferably with a Signature Drink

What are your favorite summer rituals?


  1. Sundresses and flip flops! And margaritas on patios! Summer in Texas is awesome, even when it's 110. That's why they invented air conditioning!

  2. Mmmm...signature drink. Yum.

    Summer in Texas is NOT awesome, but it doesn't usually bother me too much. Provided I'm not stuck in a tent on some ill planned camping trip.

  3. Oh god I hate winter. I've lived in New England for about 11 years now and all I can say is get me OUT of here. I don't think my first reprieve would be Texas, though... ;).

    That being said, New Hampshire summers are cute and charming. I love getting ice cream at this old-fashioned ice cream farmstand in my town and eating it at this big pond with a weeping willow, board swing, and dock.

  4. Summer is dubbed 'Patio' season in my house. LOVE patios, sitting on one late into the night sipping margaritas, beers, wine - what have you!

  5. I feel very strongly that all of these activities would be better enjoyed in the calmness that is Autumn. In the summer, I don't even want to LOOK outside!

  6. Like you, I really enjoy winter and fall. I like sweaters and all that. I'm also really looking forward to this summer. My favorite summer ritual has to be going out on the lake. My friends have boats and we go out there around 3 or 4. Find a nice calm cove and spend the day in the water. Drink ice cold beer and listen to some great music. The best part has to be once it gets dark though. Just sittin on the boat in the calm water talking and not worrying about a thing. Damn you woman! Now thats all I can think about.

  7. My favorite seasons are fall and winter as well. However, I may need to investigate your list of summer activities, as they might cause me to change my mind.

    Also, this summer will be the first time in my entire life where I might actually don a bikini. OMG I can't believe i just typed that. I need to go breathe into a paper bag now.

  8. Thanks for making me miss home! I haven't had a ice cold Shiner on a Shiner Sunday in almost 2 years. And don't even get me started on floating the river...awww good times!

  9. My summer rituals are as follows:

    Stay indoors with the air-conditioning on arctic.

    Curse a lot when I have to be outside.

    Repeat until Fall.

    I don't know why I moved to Louisiana... :)

  10. Bananas, I am so lazy sometimes. I just checked my 20S account and saw you left me a message about an award ::gasp!:: Thank you!! :) I'm glad I could help you, it makes writing about it worthwhile...

  11. am very cold-natured and therefore probably tolerate these wicked Texas summers better than most. just ask my closest friends how often i wear my thermals. ha ha!

    thankfully this summer we got Shiner 101 to ease our suffering! thank you Shiner folks for creating a Pilsner to dull our senses!

    on another positive note, there's gonna be way too many concerts to attend this summer to worry about silly things like temperature.

    chins up, y'all! :-D

  12. Mine is fruity rum drinks beachside. Summer's are amazing here...perhaps some of the best conditions in the country... but they are short.

  13. Ah. Summer. Where HAPPINESS lives. Well I dwell outside with my ipod and eat ice cream like I was a kid, I attend anything that has Kansas City BBQ, music, and beer! I pretty much travel and leave my house abandoned as much as I can.