No wonder everyone has resorted to text speak...not that it's OK, BTW

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a disconnect between the spell checking mechanisms available in most online resources? Like, depending on whether you're checking the spelling in a Word document, a Hotmail draft, or even a Blogger post, there are apparently variables that exist in each arena that will yield different misspellings.* I mean, we're talking words, people. Are they really that capricious?

Granted, I do on occasion just straight make up words (usually faux expletives), and I'm not surprised when the spell check doesn't know what the french toast to do with those. But adverbs? Uncommon verb tenses? Come on!

(Somewhere, some brilliant code writer is cursing my name for whining about some insignificant detail of their masterpiece. Do I have any idea what it takes to make a functioning system? Nope. Does this mean I can't thrash about over a sub par spell checker? Noooo.)

And, to be fair, the English language is inordinately cruel. I could barely get my near-genius high schoolers to understand half the rules of grammar in my SAT prep classes; how can I possibly expect a series of codes and equations to correctly identify what it is I am doing with my words?

But I am a Wordie. (For sure just made that word up, so I won't hold that against you, Spell Checker. It's like Foodie, see, but I am ardently interested is in words. More specifically, grammar, but I didn't want to walk around claiming to be a Grammie. That's just awkward.) And thus I get worked up about situations such as these.

Except when it comes to the LOL Cats. That's just good, clean fun.

*To demonstrate my point, I have taken the liberty of making red all the words that Blogger does not recognize in its spell check. They are, in fact, actual words. At least they are according to Dictionary.com. I heart Dictionary.com.


  1. Spell check didn't know AGAINST? What the eff?

    I can understand Hotmail, as that's a company and not really a word, as such.

    The other day? Microsoft Word told me that everyday was two words. EVERYDAY. It's clear that the people who code spell check aren't the people who, ya know, CAN SPELL.

  2. I straight-up invent words to explain myself.

    The English language can't contain me.

  3. Damn damn.. I just wrote out a really long comment and I guess it got erased. I'm not going to rewrite it all, but basically I was saying that I am like you... but only more extreme. Part of my is extremely cynical. I don't trust most people at all... I am too quick to judge men... But every once in a while I'll have a movie moment and live in this ridiculous fantastical, romantical bubble- where I think "this is it, it's not only going to work but it's what fairy tales are made of... well have a book written about us, " blah blah. Those are the ones that usually last about a month and end up being assholes.

  4. I've started a new job where I basically write reports, and they're making me use America spelling! *cry* (Also wink. I guess it's OK when you're IN America :P)

    I can understand 'schoolers', that's pretty colloquial, but not to understand the other words? Shame on you, Blogger. Shame.

    By the way? Irony in motion? Blogger doesn't recognise the word "Blogger". Their spell-check is self-deprecating!

  5. I'm also a word nerd. :)

    And wait -- what? Blogger doesn't accept against? *sigh*