Jet Setter

You'd probably imagine I'm a bit high-maintenance given my penchant for pretty things, bubble baths, and Starbucks (in excess). (Did you catch the Oxford comma there? Yeah, good stuff.)

But you'd be wrong.

Well, kinda.

When it comes to packing for a trip, I am the most low maintenance gal you've ever seen. (Well, unless you've watched a lady hippie pack for a trip. She probably wins. But her idea of traveling is likely hitchhiking. And that involves nary more than a knapsack. And a knapsack? Not really something that is packed. Zing! I win again.)

I have a dinky carry-on roller that I've used for about a decade now, and I have mastered the art of filling this puppy to the brim with the bare essentials. I have survived five-day trips with one tiny rolling suitcase about the length of a standard pillow.

But how do I do this, you ask? I mean, I am the Queen of Beauty Products. My daily regimen alone should warrant half a traditional suitcase, yes?

No. My secret: sample sizes.

I also apply this basic principals of Tetris to packing, which makes the whole deal more efficient and fun. (Stop shaking your head at me. I'm awesome.)

This would probably be a good time to mention that if I am traveling, it is generally for a shoot, which means that my hair and makeup (and possibly wardrobe) will be provided by someone on set. All I have to do is show up looking clean, rested, and manicured.

But for a chronic insomniac whole tends to bite her cuticles and forgets about her eyebrows until they've reached Muppet status, that's asking a lot.


  1. Ooh, I'm personally against the Oxford comma, but whatever floats your less-grammatical-acceptable-boat! :P

    And I cracked up at "But for a chronic insomniac whole tends to bite her cuticles and forgets about her eyebrows until they've reached Muppet status, that's asking a lot"!

  2. Playing crap-loads of tetris is so real world applicable. And parents say video games don't teach you anything.

  3. The concept of Tetris packing amuses me. Greatly.

    I am a frequent user of Oxford commas.

  4. Anyone who doesn't apply Tetris principles to packing is just plain silly.

    And Stephen K, watch it with the Oxford comma talk.

  5. My mother in law used to travel a lot for work, so she's got baskets upon baskets of goodies she swiped from hotel bathrooms. I'm not sure where she was staying that they left you Aveda products, but I've cleaned her out of those... Time to start traveling again.

  6. It sounds like we should start a club! I refuse to check any baggage which means I (neatly) cram everything I need into a small rolling (bright purple) bag. Sample sizes are definitely key (how else to you get everything into a quart sized bag?) and smart thinking. I could go on, but I think you just inspired a blog post!!

  7. YOU JUST MADE A PUNCTUATION JOKE. Or reference. It wasn't really a joke. But I just love that so very much. I envy your packing abilities, especially with the beauty supplies (out of control with those). I do alright with clothes, but my husband packs a ridiculous amount of things. I guess it's because he's so much bigger than me and his clothes are bigger? Who knows.

  8. Love the Tetris comparrison. Do you roll instead of fold? I find that helps too.