The Happiest Place on Earth (...well, a close second to Starbucks)

I freakin' love Disneyland.

"But Natalie," you say, "you strongly dislike children. And public places. And sweating."

True, on all accounts.

But something about being at a Disney Park trumps my innate bitterness and I am a carefree child all over again. I am that same little girl who strutted around Carlsbad/Oceanside beaches in my Minnie Mouse bathing suit, back before I detested the feel of sand on my bare skin or feared that any minute a whale was going to beach itself and try to eat my loved ones. (Seriously, you'd think that would be a childhood fear I'd someday outgrow. But you'd be wrong.) It brings back memories of Mom keeping Brover and I home from school, convincing us we had auditions in LA, only to surprise us by pulling into the Disneyland parking lot in Anaheim. Best. Day. Ever.

So I was beyond excited when I booked the spokesperson gig for a Disney/Verizon spot shooting in Florida at the Magic Kingdom. I have always wanted to visit this park, and to be doing so on someone else's dime (and getting paid, on top of that!) is just too good to be true. I hope I have some downtime from shooting to ride some rides (the baby ones, yo) and take some pics with the Disney Princesses. (They totally stole my career. Well, them and Anne Hathaway.)

I cherish the out-of-town shoots as a break from the norm: traipsing around in my hotel room and noshing on room service, exploring a new town, and banking a memory or two of my very own in my journey as an actress.

"It's all happening."


  1. How fun, Natalie. You make me long for disney world. Haven't been there since 2001. If you have down time, go to MGM Studios and check out the "twilight zone tower of terror" and the "rockin roller coaster featuring Aerosmith". These are the 2 best rides ever, but definitely not kiddie rides. If you need a tour guide, I'm there.
    BTW-Anne Hathaway and the disney princesses really should have been yours.

  2. I loved Magic Kingdom! The first time I went there I was 20. I felt about 5-years-old and loved every minute. :-D It's so awesome that you get to combine your job and a magical place. Have fun! :-)

  3. How have I not found your blog yet? I mean I know I've looked on your blogger profile after you comment on mine but I've never actually landed here (I'm obvi not smart enough to be a blogger ;) )

    I SO agree with this! I love Disney Parks with all my heart, and also hate sweating, crowds, kids, etc. I think that there's just something about it that brings out the joy of being a child for me. Maybe it's the excessive trips to the parks every couple years growing up. This is so exciting! Is it something that will be aired nationally/

  4. I also dislike children and sand, so I feel ya on that one.

    Apparently I was taken to Disney World (or Land, I think) when I was but a youngin, and I remember NONE of it. Isn't that tragic? And I think the schmaltziness of it all would make me uncomfortable now. Kind of like musicals. But I would LOVE to go and prove myself wrong. Have so much fun!

  5. I am SO jealous! If only Hogwarts would be ready by the time you get there

  6. Amanda - I'm not sure where it will be aired yet. Definitely online, maybe print and national broadcast. That's TBD still. Will keep y'all posted!

  7. My eyes went all squinty-like when you took a jab at Anne Hathaway.

    But then I de-squinted and liked you again with the Almost Famous quote.

    My friendship is like a Disneyland ride. Or something.

  8. How awesome! Congrats lady! I am pretty jealous too. I've only been once when I was a senior in highschool but it was a BLAST! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  9. YES. I wholeheartedly agree with this. For some reason I love love love amusement parks despite all the snot-nosed children.