There's a straight up Happy Dance party in my head right now...

Despite the fact that I can barely move because this shorty got low, low, low last night (with this one and this one), I am in a ridiculously good mood and feel like a million bucks. (Well, if a million bucks had throbbing quads and a wicked buzz from my morning/afternoon americano.)

I am literally surrounded by dozens of amazing people with whom I get to hang out and laugh/cry on a regular basis, and I feel like I've somehow hit the friendship jackpot. This goes for my wonderful blogging family as well; I am continually surprised at the extent to which my daily life is enriched by these lovely people, and I can only hope to return the favor, even if simply providing a lil escape by posting pictures of tasty treats and lovely ladies.

Speaking of blogger love, I've been given yet another blogger award. Y'all are spoiling me rotten and can only blame yourselves when this all turns ugly and I'm Veruca Salt-ing my way around the internets. ("But Daddy I want it nooooooow.")

This one was given to me by my new friend, Gingerella, and I feel very honored to recieve the Sunshine Award!

I will now pass this little bit o' happy along to six super cool peeps from my blogroll whose posts bring a smile to my face. (I have not included some of the usual suspects, which is not to say that y'all don't make me snicker and snort on a regular basis. Just spreading the love around a bit. You know how we do.)

1. Kickin' Chicken at Tales From the Chicken Coop
2. Clifton at So...I got that going for me
3. Johnny Virgil at 15 Minute Lunch
4. Blue-eyed Brunette at The Sea is Not Mine
5. LiLu at Livit, Luvit

If you aren't following these delightful bloggers, you should be.

Now I am off to stretch this tired body and put together a sassy lil outfit for another night on the town. (I'm getting too effing old for this.) But tomorrow: hockey showdown with Canada for the gold. And to my lovely Canadian blogger friends, please turn a deaf ear to the mad smack-talking that is about to go down. LYMI!


  1. I've been writing my blog for five years, and this is my first award(that I know of)! Thanks for the shout out! PS - love the website.

  2. I feel ya with the amazing friends and I'm just as lucky! I don't know what I would do w/o them. <3

    and got some more blogger love for ya! I've awarded you the HAPPY AWARD.

  3. Thanks, Johnny! Happy to pass it along to you. You crack me up, dude.

  4. Win! Thanks so much, lady friend. :-)

    And congrats to you!