Showin' a little love to the ladies...

In a very uncharacteristic turn of events, I have been nothing if not a big ball of love over the past week or so. And because I am mentally drained at the moment, I will present (in no particular order)...

(I know. Your life is now complete.)

Real quick: some people don't understand the concept of a girl crush. I am not a lesbian, folks. I don't want to make the sex with any of these lovely ladies because, well, I'm not into girls that way. But I think they are gorgeous and I absolutely love their respective styles and talents. They are the women I want to be. And thus, my crushes.

Rachel Weisz - Not only is she in quite a few films that I absolutely adore (The Fountain, The Lovely Bones, Runaway Jury), but she's also dating director extraordinaire, Darren Aronofsky. She is retarded gorgeous and very intelligent. I would have to say this is my number one girl crush (despite me saying these were not in order).
Natalie Portman - This beautiful Jewess is an automatic given her involvement in one of my top three favorite films, V for Vendetta. But I've literally never seen her in anything I didn't like, including the new Star Wars trilogy/prequels. (Love me some Star Wars!) Homegirl is a knock out, even with a bald effing head, and uber smart. And vegetarian. Heart.
Zooey Deschanel - She is half of the duo that constitutes the magic that is (500) Days of Summer. Even if she is the detached, mixed-signal-loving counterpart, j'adore. (Not. A. Word. surmising why I might so adore Summer. Capiche?) She's got amazing style (which I could never pull off) and she's vegan.
Olivia Wilde - She probably wouldn't make my list if it weren't for my obsession with House, but I am, and so Thirteen makes the cut. She looks wicked hot in a lab coat (depsite the fact she always thinks the dx is sarcoidosis) and she's married to a prince in real life. She's also vegan. (3 for 4. I'm just sayin'. They're doing something right.)
Giada de Laurentiis - If you follow my tweets, you probably already know that I love, love, love Giada. She makes AMAZING Italian dishes and is painfully pretty. (Not trying to rub salt in the wounds. You know who you are.) And her sister is vegetarian. Not that this list is about hot vegetarians, but I'm just throwing that out there.


  1. Where's your guilty pleasure? I know you get dirty with the Kardashians and Girls Next Door...

  2. Guilty pleasure would have to be Demi Lovato. I totally watched "Camp Rock" just to see her. She is still a baby, but I think she's beautiful. One to watch, fo sho.

  3. Natalie Portman and Zooey Deshanel are both my girl crushes! Especially Zooey. And that girl can sing. Word.

  4. Zooey is hilarious. She's so different. I just got done watching Yes Man and was crackin up at her 'concerts'. Good stuff. <3

    and great blog by the way!

  5. If I had to choose one out of that top 5 (not sure why I would have to be doing that) it would have to be Natalie Portman. She is so beautiful and intelligent, sexy and have probably been crushing on her since Leon. Awesome top 5 though!

  6. I have a regular guy crush on Zooey. Very hot.

  7. I have huuuuuge crushes on Giada and Zooey.

    You have quality taste in women, lady.

  8. Um, okay...so I do sort of love Giada, in a love/hate kind of way. I'd like her to lock her boobs up AND stop saying the words "fresh" and "beautiful" every five seconds while she's cooking. But yeah, she's awesome.

    Great list. I LOVE Zooey Deschanel. For obvious reasons and because I always have. Forever.

    One thing you forgot about Natalie Portman? She's effing HIGHlarious.

  9. It looks like somebody has a vegan brunette fettish! Let me go dye my hair and grab a carrot :)

  10. Did you see the episodes of "Top Chef" when Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel were the guests? (Last two seasons). It was awesome! Though, I felt most bad for Zooey; she isn't just vegan but allergic to what seems like everything fun. Poor thing.

    PS- my parents have this fantasy where their neighbors are all Food Network Stars. Giada is on the top of the list for next door neighbor!

  11. SheBloggs - Thanks so much! Yeah, that performance in Yes Man gets me every time. "Not your late night booty call..."

    Peter - Are you really surprised?

    Shine - My uncle calls Giada "Tits and Teeth." And yes, in the grand tradition of Natalies, she's wicked funny. (Yes, I like to think I'm funny. Just putting that right out there.)

    Chicken - Girl, you know it. But you'll always have a special place in my heart, blondie.

    Graygrrrl - What the eff?! How did I miss that? I have heard that poor Zooey is allergic to everything under the sun. By the way, I thought I was the only one who had that fantasty. Crazy.

  12. What a good list! I love Giada and Natalie and Zooey!!! In a totally hetero way, of course!

  13. Mmm great choices. Especially the Zooey. And the Rachel. All about the brunettes with that edge that makes you know you could have an intellectual conversation with them.

    Totally a revelation about the vegan thing... Us carnivores have apparently picked the wrong lifestyle, haha!

  14. We totally have all the same girl crushes.

    I will FIGHT you for Natalie.

  15. Margarita - Thanks for reading! Yes, they are delish...and I say that from a totally hetero place of love. :)

    Stephan - Exactly! I'm all about brains and beauty.

    LiLu - Bring it on, love! I'm totally prepared to go to battle for that one. I feel it would be appropriate to duke this one out with lightsabers. Thoughts?