I feel pretty...

First of all, I want to welcome my new followers! I have been horrid in terms of thanking y'all for keeping up with my ramblings and for the sweet comments that make my lil heart pitter patter. I don't take a single reader for granted and I appreciate you lovely people more than you know. Grazie mille!
OK, so Mrs. Chicken is straight up spoiling me at this point. But I like it. She has given me yet another very sweet blogger award, and so I will pass the love along and provide more trivia about myself. (I mean, did you see the arm twisting there?)

Rules for this one: list 7 things we might not know about you and pass award on to 5 beautimus peeps.

1. I am deathly afraid of whales. Shut up. They basically embody the vastness of the sea and that whole concept just scares the bejesus out of me.
2. My biggest acting job to date was playing the young Peg Bundy in a commercial promo for the TV show Married with Children. I had the big hair pouf going on and blew up a Home Ec lab. Great times.
3. I hate bananas with a passion. I might be slightly allergic to them, but it could all be in my head. (Wouldn't be the first time this mass above my neck got in the way.)
4. My first real job (i.e. not working for my parents) was as a health educator at a sex clinic. Imagine Planned Parenthood run by teenagers. Sounds like a bad idea, yes? But it was awesome. We did some good work. And had ample access to condoms. Tell me I wasn't a hit with my classmates.
5. There will always be a special place in my heart for George Michael. Moving on...
6. If I'm away from a large body of water (be it an ocean, lake, river, whatever) for too long I start to get antsy. (I do realize this is an odd fact given #1, but I never said I made sense.)
7. I have an unhealthy obsession with House. The show. Not necessarily Hugh Laurie's character. Though...yeah.

Beautiful Bloggers:
2. Shine Out Loud ("You're all grows up!")


  1. I'm with you on the whale thing. I imagine them being bff's with sharks. Nasty creatures.

  2. You're scared of...whales? WHALES? I mean, when in your life do you encounter whales?

    Somehow this only makes you more charming. It's the shiny hair.

    Oh, and THANKS!

  3. You played the young Peg Bundy!?!?!? AWESOME! I must see pics!!!

    And thanks so much lady for the award!!! YAYYY!

  4. Thanks for the shout out!! I also hate banana's but I guess I should save some of that for my "7 things"!

  5. I am more than a little smug about the fact that I'm getting all this grief about my fear of whales in the same day Shamu went ballistic and killed a trainer. Just sayin'.

    And I HAVE encountered a whale, thank you. My family and I were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and one of those big bastards bumped my dad's boat and nearly gave me a heart attack. All around us the water was solid black...and it was all whale! I mean, nightmares about the effers.

    And I concur with Chicken. They're all about colluding with sharks. They're like evil ocean grifters.

  6. Dude, it's called a killer whale for a reason. I'm basically scared of ALL things of size. Yes, yes...TWSS. You are too adorable and now I must try to be cute on my blog. Gah. The pressure! :)

  7. But but Free Willy? Flipper?

    and re: 3? No it's a real thing. My friend has the same thing. As well as an allergy to latex. You can't make this stuff up!

  8. Sadly, I witness Shamu kill herself during a Sea World show. No joke. (Anyone remember this tragedy in the early 90's?)

    This happen back when Baby Shamu was Sea World's new "star" and began performing live shows. Apparently Mama Shamu did not appreciate the new trade her baby was being subjected to.
    During Baby Shamu's performance, the trainors would keep Mama in the backstage tank, caged off from the main stage. It wasn't too long into this performance before Mama got pissed off!
    Lashing out, Mama Shamu started thrashing about violently...we're talkin' killer whale violence. Suddenly Shamu decided she was getting into the main stage where Baby was. She simply started racing full speed from one end of the tank to the other, whilst smashing into the cage head first. Over and over again, she would charge and bash into the cage at full speed.
    The audience started freaking out(obviously), especially when then entire aquarium tank was becoming a dark, dark red. I won't get into details (think blowhole), but it was horrific how much blood was involved.
    By now the Sea World staff is trying to exit the entire audience all at once, meanwhile a killer whale is trying to tear down a cage, under water.
    By the time the human traffic debacle was cleared, the aquarium water had become way too calm. The beast laid floating...motionless.
    Not a minute later, an announcement was made that the park was closing immediately.
    Sad day, indeed.

    Big ups on your fear of whales, Nat! They ain't no gentle giants!

  9. Just between you and me...

    "Careless Whisper" is one of my favourite songs ever.

  10. Tyler - That's the worst story ever. I mean, it's the ugly truf (that's "truth" if you're gangster, which I clearly am). Thanks for the support. And terrible imagery. Big ups!

    Peter - Uh, that's because it's amazing. And so are we.

  11. Natalie, I think your boat story is going to give me second-hand nightmares.

  12. First Award Ever! Thank you Darling, I will deliver my perfectly polished and poised acceptance speech at our next outing.

    And I totally get the whale thing *shudder*.