Hockey with a capital "H"

Though the US men's hockey team didn't take the Gold, I feel absolute pride for our team and can't get over what an amazing tournament we witnessed this Olympics. This team will forever change the perception of US hockey, and for that I can feel nothing but joy. We took on the big boys of the sport and forced them into OT with twenty-five seconds left in the third period of the medal game (having beaten them once already this series). That's pretty effing awesome!

And if we had to lose the Gold to a single goal, I have to say I'm glad it was to that of Sidney Crosby. He's a class act and truly an amazing hockey player. Canadian, yes, but he represents a very bright future for the sport and deserves this victory.

Ryan Miller, you're freakin' solid and did some nice work. Hell, the entire crowd of CANADIANS cheered for you. They're not generally the best of sports and they gave you some major props. Well deserved, sir.

I will now go tend to my hypertension and bleeding cuticles. Happy Sunday, y'all.


  1. Fair play, had Ryan Miller not been an absolutely beast in goal, your mob would have lost a fair bit sooner :P Brilliant match though, eh?

  2. Not the best of sports?

    I was coming over here to see if you were going to give me the cold shoulder, since it was Crosby who scored.

    But now I might do a little pre-emptive cold-shouldering to your ass.


  3. Stephen - I might give you that. ;) But yes, wonderful game.

    Peter - OK, first of all, you would never give my ass the cold shoulder. Second, I just mean that Canadians are very PASSIONATE about their sports and can sometimes behave less-than-stellar when things don't go their way (kind of like Red Wings fans, which, yes, I will take responsibiliy for since they're within the states). I mean, you did tell me you would give me the cold shoulder for a week if y'all lost. I never went that far. IN FACT, I even went so far as to compliment your boy Crosby before the game even took place, which makes the fact that he scored the winning goal all the more awesome. So really, I kind of won after all. (See what I did there?)

  4. That's some impressive logic, right there.

    I've decided that I'm not mad at you. (Or your ass.)

    Plus you said "y'all." You could hit me with a bat, and I'd forgive you for a "y'all."

    (Please don't hit me with a bat.)