Bloggy Love begets Bloggy Love...

I am the super flattered recipient of my very first blogger award!

(Well, at least the first one I understood what the H to do with.) Much love and cupcakes to the hilarious Mrs. Chicken for bestowing the "Master of Karate and Friendship Award" on lil ol' me. (You HAVE to check out her blog. She's funny, honest, and has the best heart. Miss her like fire.)

But it's not all take, take, take here in Blogger Land, so here are the rules for this contraption:
1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship & make blogging so awesome.

(As it is a snow day and I am sans creativity at the moment, I will humor you, Award Rules.)

Things in which I am a Master:

1. Grammar. Now, this is not true all the time. I think I am a little more fond of commas than is healthy, which naturally makes me justify their use more often than is really appropriate. And I start sentences with "because" and create comma splices on a regular basis to be funny(-ish), both of which would likely make my first year Writing Studio professor smack me with a copy of Strunk & White's The Elements of Style. But I taught SAT/ACT-level verbal skills to high school kids for about a year (super-smart teenagers are infinitely scarier than whales...yes, whales), and it reminded me how much I love grammar (::cough:: nerd ::cough::), as well as how much I take my grasp of the English language for granted. (It really is a cruel language for non-native speakers to learn.)

2. Using way too many asides and speaking under my breath when talking to people. This includes long-windedness. (See pretty much every blog post I've ever written. Or talk to me.) Now this isn't necessarily a good thing, but I happen to think it makes the people who do catch all my little quips (read: crap) that much more interesting and on top of their game. If you're into that sort of game.

3. Filing. Especially in alphabetical order. Anyone who has ever worked in a medical setting or library will appreciate this. It's an art, really, and a skill in which I pride myself. I'm fast and accurate. If that doesn't land me a date, folks, I don't know what will.

4. Putting on fake eyelashes. Be it on myself or someone else, I can apply fake lashes like no one else. (Well, maybe Mr. Shu Uemura would give me a run for my money.) Crucial life skill? Absolutely.

5. Remembering movie quotes. Even if it's a film of which I'm not too fond or have only seen once, I will still usually remember at least a few lines of solid dialogue to incorporate (randomly) into conversation. There is nothing better than seeing that spark of recognition when someone picks up on the quote and knows what you're talking about. (Unless it's a terrible movie. Then I'm just kind of sad. For both of us.)

6. Eating cheese. I have been positively drunk on cheese. Drunk. If you don't find that impressive, you should probably be studied.

Master Blogger/Frienders:

Shine - Homegirl is awesome for many reasons, but she deserves this award for her recent organization of a Dallas Bloggers Happy "Hour," which brought together a menagerie of awesome ladies. This is the first of many, I'm sure, and we are indebted to Shine for making it happen.
Kyla - I adore her. She is beautiful, uber organized, crafty, and very intelligent. But she's a Master (at this juncture) because of her dedication to the blogging community. She regularly responds to comments, leaves her own comments on the many blogs she follows, and is diligent about creating interesting, thoughtful posts on a regular basis. This is no easy task and she should be recognized for it. And so I have.
Blue-Eyed Brunette - I think we're soul mates. Or the same person. So really this is a selfish reason to give an award, but I so enjoy her honest reflections. Her blog, in so many ways, represents to me just how important the blogging community can be in terms of creating that sense of harmony with other human beings unknown to us.
Chatham - There's another selfish motive here, but it is my award to give and so I will make no apologies. Her posts about dealing with her mother's death have brought me to tears (and I don't cry easily, people) and help me deal with Mom's illness in ways I can't even fully describe. Again, finding her blog reminded me just how significant the internet (in all its messy glory) can be in terms of bringing people together, even if never face-to-face.
5. Gofhane - OK, Mrs. Chicken gave her this award too, so I kind of feel silly giving it to her again. But she is the epitome of an amazing friend and I would have lost my shit by now if it weren't for her. Her posts are heartfelt and funny, which are perfect extensions of who she is. Indulge. You won't regret it.


  1. Even with a degree in English under my belt, I don't think I'll ever be a master in grammar... And I can remember every actor's name and director to every movie I have seen, but I am horrible at remembering lines... which is probably why I stick to improv. So fun meeting you the other night, can't wait to hang out again!!!

  2. I can't believe the ONE time I'm not caught up on blogs, I get awards!!! :) I can't even explain how touched I am by this compliment. You are amazing and I just can't imagine my little life without you and all your Natalie-isms.