What I have learned in 2010 (thus far)...

- If you are invited to do something with someone (you don't despise), go. Accepting an invite will at least ensure you don't have to wonder "What if?" Sure, after a less-than-successful venture into public you may have wished you never took off your Snuggie, but at least you won't wonder what you missed. I mean, those House reruns and leftover veggie kung pao will still be there when you're done. A delightful-turned-awesome evening? Can't happen unless you're willing to show up.

- If you smile and behave around strangers (i.e. don't make up a fake husband and/or yell at them for not liking Tim Burton films), said strangers will buy you drinks.100% success rate thus far. Who knew?

- A Blue Moon really is something to be regarded (in addition to being a wonderful, refreshing beer). Every once in a while, even the most responsible individual will indulge in less-than-perfect (read: awesome and totally uncharacteristic) behavior. Watch for your own Blue Moon Moments this year and enjoy....responsibly.

- In totally unrelated news, even a quick, small dose of butterflies can make almost any situation bearable. (Including, say, being buried alive under the crap dished out by one's micromanaging supervisor. Hypothetically.)

- Even the most mundane experiences are incredibly memorable when you cleave to remarkable friends. It is during these quiet moments that you learn the hearts of those who choose to love you and stand by you...even when you're a royal hot mess.

If these four days are any indication of what I have in store this year, there will be many, many lessons shared (and bad decisions indulged).

Stay tuned...


  1. I am so happy. With this year, that I've spent near 100% of my time with you, that we've already learned SO much in a few short days...and that I get to call you my friend through all the moments. Love the post lady.

  2. Totally on board with that first one, and only wished the second one applied to people sans breasts! :P

  3. As a Red Sox fan, I totally believe in the power of a Blue Moon :) I giggled when I read your post because you are so right.

  4. Top 5 films directed by Tim Burton:

    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
    Edward Scissor Hands
    Big Fish

    Feel free to yell if you disagree... but you're buyin the next round.