We the People....are over it.

So I had my first jury duty experience today. Great times.


- There were some power issues this morning in areas of Rockwall County, and the A/C in the court house was not working properly. Chubby bumpkins corralled into a very small, sun-drenched room? Awesomeness.
- Once the A/C kicked in, it was apparently thrown off from the abrupt power outage and its damn belt blew. Not only were we now sweating in close proximity to country strangers, but the smell of burned toast permeated every square inch of the dinky room.
- Being called "Lady Drinker" by a fellow juror. It was a DUI case. There were some questions asked of the class. Long story short: honesty gets you nowhere.
- After one of the two hundred breaks (in a three hour span), being asked by aforementioned fellow juror if I got drunk during our recess. Not nearly enough, Sir.
- My dismissal. At noon. Just in time to change and go in to work. Sa-weet.

I honestly don't take my civic duty lightly. I also imagine the woman charged wasn't enjoying all the hijinks as nearly as much as the rest of us. (Seriously, where do these damn lawyers come up with their make-the-jury-like-our-team jokes?) Part of me would have enjoyed being selected, if for no other reason than I really, really wanted to know what homegirl (at the age of 45-ish) was up to when she got nicked for being crunk.

I'm easily amused.


  1. This was your first time at jury duty? Gosh, I've been called at least 4 times and I never get out earlier than 3 PM. Once, I didn't even make it into the courtroom. We just sat in the hall on the cold marble floor for 7 hours. Talk about fun! If you're planning on taking a deal, please do so before the date of jury selection- it only makes us hate you more to wait

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