The tattooed alt chick within is throwing a straight up hissy fit...

I piss myself off (no small feat, actually) when I realize that I attract all the wrong people (socially, romantically, electronically, etc.) because the way I dress and "present" myself (confidence often mistaken as prissiness given my penchant for name-brand shit) doesn't match at all with how I think, speak, act, nor does it do justice to the types of music, movies, books, etc. that I like. Which, as you can imagine, means I don't attract the types of souls with whom I would likely meld instantly because they can't see past the Burberry scarf and Louis Vuitton purse to meet the self-deprecating, live-music loving vegetarian within.

Change, you say?

Meh. It's far more entertaining to be a riddle.

Not that I'm not sill pissed at myself.


  1. You realise that by saying you want to think/speak/dress/etc different to better express yourself you're just perpetuating and succumbing to the prejudice you're trying to combat? Just try to be happy in your own skin :D Variety is the spice of life and all that!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I love moshing and rocking out to alternative/emo/screamo/anything loud and guitar-y...but you'd never know it by my j.crew loving, pearls-wearing, bubbly outer self. Sometimes I miss the good old days of chucks, skinny jeans and band tees.

  3. Exactly, Michelle! I've learned that even the chucks and band tees don't do it when you've got perfectly coiffed hair and mad skills with the liquid eyeliner. :)

  4. I'm pretty sure tattooed rock guys love preppy vegetarian girls... Or at least that's what I always tell myself when I see them walking down the street holding hands. Actually, it's more like I curse those girls for taking the available sub-cultural guys and leaving me their jock itch sloppy seconds... maybe I'm just bitter and over thinking this...

    The point was, I don't think anyone really worries about that and the ones that do probably smell and you wouldn't be interested in them anyway. I've gone out with all sorts of guys, tattooed, tall, short(ish), j.crew, gutterpunk. Doesn't seem to matter.

  5. I'm gonna take the other side of this argument as this is one of my absolute most favorite parts of you. I don't want to say you are the complete opposite of your looks, but I will happily say you are SO much more.

    I learned to have fun with it in my head. Men expect the total opposite of what they get with me as well and I LOVE the moment of shock. The moments when they realize their judgements just cost them a great chick OR the rare moments when they realize looking beyond what they saw just paid off in gold (and a little tattood hot mess). I'm kind of hoping that second scenario happens again one day.